Personal aptitude test for infant and primary education grades

Preparation course of the critical reasoning and communication, and of logical-mathematical competence tests

Mandatory to pursue the degrees of infant and primary education in all the universities of Catalonia.

For whom?

For all students who want to study the Infant Education Degree or the Primary Education Degree.

- Students with the baccalaureate finished or who are studying 2nd baccalaureate.

- Students with a higher education training cycle (CFGS) completed or who finish it this year.

- Students from foreign education systems.

- Students who enter the university with tests for over 25 and 45 years old.


Communicative competence and critical reasoning:

Understanding the intrinsic meaning of written documents on topics of general interest and the ability to synthesize and integrate information, the ability to express a written reflection with clarity and precision and sufficient mastery of the linguistic system that allows to express with a linguistic quality acceptable.

The ability to apply scientific-technical thinking and knowledge of the social field to interpret the information received and to predict and make decisions with initiative and autonomy, as well as the ability to differentiate and value scientific knowledge by contrast with other forms of knowledge .

Logical-mathematical competence:

The ability to use knowledge and skills related to various areas of mathematics to solve exercises, problems and application situations, and the ability to analyze the results obtained from the point of view of their reasonableness.

How do we prepare the personal aptitude test to course the grades of infant and primary education?

Prepare the capacity test

Language of the exam

Students of 2nd year of high school in Catalonia who are exempt from the subject of Catalan Language in the EBAU by the Department of Education, if the center has communicated and accredited in the Office of Access to the University, can take the tests in Spanish ( it is not necessary to present documentation).

Wherever you come from

Students of education systems in Valencia or the Balearic Islands may decide to take exams in Catalan or Spanish.

High school and CFGS students from outside Catalonia or students from foreign education systems can apply for the test in Spanish.

The rest of the students will have the test in Catalan and must respond in Catalan.

Prices and schedules for the personal aptitude test to course the grades of infant and primary education

When does the personal aptitude test to course the grades of infant and primary education take place?


Ordinary call 2024 start
Confirmation pending

Confirmation pending.


Extraordinary call 2024 start
Confirmation pending

Confirmation pending. Exam confirmation pending.


PAP 1 COURSE - 2h weekly
PAP 2 COURSE - 2h weekly

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Personal aptitude test for infant and primary education grades

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