Advanced Spanish course for foreigners

Learn or improve your Spanish regardless of your current level for your selectivity exams

We have courses for all levels. And also a basic course in summer.

Instituto Cervantes approved centre.

For whom?

Student profile: students who accredit a level of Spanish B1 according to the CEFR and wish to improve their knowledge for the preparation of the access tests to the Spanish University.


ElThe objective of the courses is to achieve the objectives of the different communicative activities (oral and written expression, oral and written comprehension, oral and written interaction, and oral and written mediation), thus covering all aspects of the Spanish language pronunciation, grammar, conversation, analysis, comprehension and commentary of texts, essays, written expression in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference.

The student will reach a B2 level according to the CEFR criteria. And could reach a C1 if he/she started this course with a B2.


The content is broad and addresses the different components (pragmatic-discursive, grammatical, lexical-semantic, cultural, socio-cultural and learning), organized and sequenced according to our pedagogical criteria and specific purposes of our courses (preparation for access to Spanish University), in tasks or learning units, using the communicative method by tasks, emphasizing a reflective practice.

The evaluation is continued. The teacher monitors the students' activities and corrects them privately and the activities are also shared in open class when the solution is unique.

The ELE ADVANCED Course includes 108 hours of training.

How do we work on the advanced Spanish course for foreigners in Barcelona?

Ready your spanish for the selectivity exam

Improving your level of Spanish, simultaneously with the preparation of selectivity, will allow you to access the best universities in Spain.

Start of the course: October 21th, 2024
End: January 27th, 2025

academia guiu centro siele

An extra effort in language improvement along with the intensive course of selectivity. Your results in selectivity will improve markedly.

Start of the course: February 5, 2024
End: May 8, 2024 academia guiu centro siele

Improve your spanish whatever your level is and prepare for the university

Make sure you get the best grade in September selectivity by expanding your knowledge of the Spanish language. You will improve in all subjects!

Start of the course: May 22, 2024
End:August 29, 2024

academia guiu centro siele

Prices and schedules for the Advanced Spanish course for foreigners in Barcelona


The Spanish courses ELE ADVANCED of Academia Guiu take place in the afternoon at the Academy.

Monday, wednesday and thursday from 3pm to 6pm.

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Advanced Spanish course for foreigners

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