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  • Foundation Course for the University Entry Exam after International High School
  • Individual and group lessons
  • Private tutoring for High School and university
  • Training services to companies
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Mahshid Ziaei
UNED 2021
During all the time that I have studied here, I did not have the feeling of being like a foreigner and I am very satisfied to choose this Academy. The books that the teachers presented helped me a lot, especially biology and chemistry. I want to thank you for everything you did especially in the administrative processes.
Maniia Zavialova
UNED 2021
I am very grateful for all the months of study at the Guiu Academy! I have received a lot of help with preparing for the exams and with the move to Barcelona. I am sure that I will continue to be friends with my classmates and that I will remember these days as my best experience!
Xue Wang
UNED 2021
Thanks to the Guiu Academy and the teacher in the Math class, I got an 8.25 in Math and a 9.5 in CCSS Math, which is already higher than I thought! Every time my math teacher, he was always patient and explained to me very well! Now my total grade has gone up from 7,233 to 10,783.
Sebastian Bazabazat
UNED 2021
I was sincerely fascinated with the level of education in this course, with very trained teachers and totally at your disposal. But, what I liked the most was the personalized service they provide you in each of the necessary matters, whether or not they have to do with the academic subject. I recommend the Guiu Academy 100%.
Nour el Houda Elguedror
UNED 2021
From my first day at the Academy I feel very good with all the teachers. The administration has helped me if I had problems in courses and also personal. For me it is a good Academy for foreigners and I recommend it.
Estefanía Ruiz
UNED 2021
The stay at the Academy was very good because they supported me with everything they could, which made my transition and stay in Spain easier. The teachers are very good as is the system they work with.
Emir Gamarra
UNED 2021
My personal experience at the Academy has been very rewarding. I have felt very supported by teachers and managers in general. The educational and training section is, in my opinion, efficient. Despite having chosen with little time, the preparation for the exams has been effective.
Arshia Emami
UNED 2020
The experience at Guiu's academy was an exceptional experience. They helped us at all times of studying, living and examining in Barcelona. Therefore, in my opinion, Guiu is the best academy to prepare for college entrance.
Homayun Javadi
UNED 2020
It was good, Diana was the most responsible person.
Roxana Velasco
UNED 2020
My experience at the Guiu Academy has been wonderful, in this new stage of my life I have met people, both in the administration and in the teaching staff, who have supported and guided me in this new path. In addition, I have made friends from all over the world that have enriched me and that will last a lifetime.
Jose Miguel Magdaleno
UNED 2020
My experience in the academy was enriching, from the administrative staff, who guide you at all times and advise you in the best way, to the incredible body of teachers, who with their distinctive work methodologies and Teaching manage to impart all the required content, not only to pass selectivity, but also to be able to stand out in it.
Imane Meskine
UNED 2020
I am very satisfied with the service of the academy, which was the reason why I got this good grade.
Abubakar Malhi
UNED 2020
I didn't expect to get such good grades, but with your help I was able to get it. Thanks for everything!
Ignacio Pérez
UNED 2020
The experience at the academy was spectacular. The teachers offered a great preparation program. They prepare us very well, I will be eternally grateful! I recommend the academy as a preparation center! Thanks to Sara too, always very attentive!
Sanam Singh
UNED 2020
I feel very lucky to have been part of this family. It has been a great experience and I have enjoyed every moment I have spent here.
Ekaterina Shchelckova
UNED 2020
The teachers helped me understand that any subject in another language can be approved. And of course many thanks to the very important people who helped us with the documents, pre-registration and admission. Guiu Academy is an academy that offers you a giant knowledge base. Thank you so much for everything.
Ahmed Lakhdar
UNED 2020
I am very satisfied and happy with my qualifications because they can help me get anything I want to order. I am also very satisfied with the academy, as it has helped me in different ways.
Bathoul Merveille Moutsinga
UNED 2020
First of all, I would like to thank all my teachers for having been patient with us this year, the entire Guiu team that has accompanied us in our efforts to university. I had a great time and I hope the next students take advantage of this warm welcome.
Ximena Mendiola
UNED 2020
My experience at Guiu has been enriching. Here I have been able to learn not only the contents for selectivity but also experiential and lessons that I will remember all my life. And finally, I can say that the friendships I have made will last me a lifetime and have enriched me with their different cultures and abilities.
Anqi Zheng
UNED 2020
I work long hours every day. It is a school that helps you a lot, thank you very much.
Eugenia Caruso
UNED 2020
The academy knew how to handle everything despite the situation in which we live, I am quite satisfied.
Jose Miguel Rodríguez
UNED 2020
I found it a pleasant experience.
Arianna Feliciani
UNED 2020
The teacher who stands out the most is Raquel in chemistry. Very helpful and efficient administration.
Yacout Zemmama
UNED 2020
This was an amazing year, with amazing teacher, amazing staff, everything was perfect, I entered the school not knowing a single word, I’m doing way better now. I just passed my selectividad and if I did great it was because of the Academy. This year was special, online courses, coronavirus, etc., but the Academy knew exactly how to handle it.
Elias Bittar
UNED 2020
Before coming here I had not studied anything for three years and coming here refreshed my memory and I learned many new things. The teachers and administrative team were very friendly and helpful. Now I can say that I have a new language in my pocket. Thank you because you have received me well and you have taken the time to train me and prepare me for the selectivity.
Ekaterina Volkova
UNED 2020
I am very grateful for the work of all the teachers. I have gotten very good experience and met many new friends from different countries. Thank you very much, Academia Guiu!
Darya Silantyeva
UNED 2020
Everything has gone very well. I have good grades and I hope I can get into the university I wanted. Thanks to the Guiu Academy and the teachers for their support and help.
Jose Gregorio Rodríguez
UNED 2020
It was a very beautiful experience in which I was able to meet extraordinary people and learn in the process.
Jheimy Karen Torres Vásquez
UNED 2019
During the months that I have been studying here, I have not only learned what is necessary for the exams but the atmosphere in the classroom has made me enjoy studying. Each teacher has always shared their knowledge with us without skimping and they have always been willing to answer any questions we had.
Supreet Kaur
UNED 2019
My experience of studying in Academia Guiu was quite good. With the help of Academy I could not only pass but could also achieve good marks to enter in the university in Spain. The (staff) teachers are very good, best in their respective subjects, understandable and encouraging.
Wissal Derghi
UNED 2019
Guiu is the best academy to prepare for selectivity and guarantee good results.
Maria José Dos Santos González
UNED 2019
Thank you Guiu Academy for having prepared me for selectivity, having exceeded my expectations and getting into university. Great teachers willing to teach what is necessary. Unforgettable experiences, great companions. Keep it up, training great students.
Arelia Heredia
UNED 2019
The teachers are very friendly and helpful. In my opinion they should leave more homework and activities to do at home and the exams should be more difficult. Some topics were taken a week before the exam and they were important topics. They should change the books and update them. The attention is very good in terms of questions and doubts.
Jordi Marín
LOE 2017
It has been a good academic experience. Attentive teachers and good professionals in their field. It has been useful to me.
Imane Salamat
UNED 2017
It has been a pleasant stay. I have learned a lot, gained a lot of experience and it was one of the best years.
Fabiana Rasetta Tornatore
UNED 2017
I found it very good training. I arrived prepared for all the tests.
Khaoula Qassid
UNED 2017
I liked studying and preparing for my selectivity at the Guiu Academy. The teachers were very nice.
Ali Salimi
UNED 2017
Good teaching system. Good teachers.
Anna Ganelina
UNED 2017
I liked the Guiu Academy. I think it helped me a lot to pass the exams and achieve my dream. The teachers are very friendly. They have experience and a high level of knowledge of their subject. The atmosphere of the Guiu Academy is wonderful.
Genrikh Farsadanyan
UNED 2017
I got a pretty high grade thanks to Guiu Academy. I think it is the best academy that exists, with the best teachers. The classes are interesting, fun and useful. The teachers make you study a lot but it's worth it, you'll see!
Eugenia Vázquez Hermoso
UNED 2017
My stay at the Guiu Academy has been really enjoyable, not only have I learned a lot and it has allowed me to get the grade I needed to enter college, but I have made very good friends.
Alina Borovkova
UNED 2017
It's been all right. The teachers are good professionals. They know their subject, they master the subject they teach, they care about being up-to-date and expanding their knowledge.
Aurora Suarez Delgado
UNED 2017
Very good. All highly trained, professional and well trained teachers.
Aysan Dibazar Hosseini
UNED 2017
I am very happy that now I can study medicine, thanks to the help of the Guiu Academy. Thank you very much to all of you who have helped me to get into university. They are very responsible and kind. I have had very good times studying here. Thank you!
Santiago Martins Torres
UNED 2017
The Guiu Academy in an excellent academy. It has helped me in all aspects, both in having great friends and academically. You were my welcome to this country and I am totally grateful for the service you offer. For my art, they are totally recommended. Thank you!
Archaf Sefiani
UNED 2017
My stay at the Guiu Academy has helped me to pass the selectivity in a safe way and to meet many friends from different countries of the world.
Zhang Yangle
LOE 2017
A good experience. They have very good teachers, such as the professor of philosophy, catalan, social mathematics, etc. The secretary is very nice.
Lidia Szabo Sánchez
LOE 2017
My stay at the academy was very good in terms of the atmosphere of the classes, the attention from teachers and also the help obtained by Sara.
Ferran Castillo
LOE 2017
Good treatment by teachers towards students.
Mireia Bartolomé
LOE 2017
Good treatment of the teachers towards the students. They have helped me pass the selectivity exams.
José Manuel Moreno Duplas
LOE 2017
Very professional academy in every way and they have faced with great ease and success, the sudden modification of the selectivity. I am satisfied and happy with this experience. Highly recommended.
María de los Angeles García Lovera
UNED 2017
The classes are good, the academy is very prepared. They know all the necessary information and help with everything you need.
Sina Ghoffarzadeh
UNED 2017
I am very grateful to all the teachers at Academia Guiu who have helped me get a good grade on the exam. Surely I couldn't do this without your help. Plus a hand on everything you needed to know about the exam. Again, I thank you very much.
Alejandra Añez Jimenez
UNED 2017
Excellent preparation. Grateful
Marlen Contreras Chávez
UNED 2017
I found it to be a good place to prepare academically. The teachers helped us a lot with the syllabi. It is a calm and professional place.
Dayan Nahomy Sánchez Campoverde
UNED 2017
It seems to me a very good academy, with very trained teachers. Totally grateful.
Altana Baryanova
UNED 2017
I liked studying at the Guiu Academy. The teachers are very good. They explain the agenda very well.
Tamara Marín Rodriguez
UNED 2017
Grateful. Very professional.
Camila María Ruano Farre
UNED 2017
The Guiu Academy is a very good place to learn all about selectivity. I really liked it and they treated me very well.
Daniel Antonio Vivas del Cabo
UNED 2017
I found it a pleasant experience, it didn't seem like wasted time. I met people from other countries with different cultures; and the teachers' way of explaining made the syllabus easier to understand.
Nouhaila Elharrath Amtat
UNED 2017
Good academy, good teachers. I am happy because I have passed the selectivity at the Guiu Academy.
Clara Patricia Ramos Casart
UNED 2017
My stay at the Guiu Academy was very good; they gave me good preparation for the evaluations. I am very pleased with all the classes I studied and I would highly recommend it.
Héctor Cachafeiro
UNED 2017
Thanks to the welcome that this establishment gave me, it was easy to join this change of life, leaving relatives in my country of origin.
Leila Payrazm
UNED 2017
Academia Guiu is a very good place to study and enter university. It is also in the city center and is very well connected.
Houda Bakkari
UNED 2017
Amazing! Thanks for everything
Eric Gunter Londoño Salazar
UNED 2017
In general I feel that the teaching method and the way of treating the students was excellent. I managed to learn many things in a short time thanks to everyone at the academy and I am grateful for that.
Carolina Álvarez Taylaro
UNED 2017
I am thankful for the opportunity to be in this academy. I am very happy with the welcome and the help they have given me in everything. I hope it continues that efficient.
Jesús David Sandoval Guirales
UNED 2017
It was a nice experience. I met amazing people who taught me many things, both for life and for study. I thank everyone who was part of my process here at the academy and I hope that in the future I can see you again.
Víctor Riesco Riero
UNED 2017
Excellent attention, the teachers are very well prepared for their subjects, very didactic materials, very well designed and specific for each area.
Tina Arabi Dahaj
UNED 2017
The academy helped me in all my problems with my studies, and also my Spanish has improved with all your help.
Javi Pérez Cueva
UNED 2017
Quite happy with the treatment received by the academy and its teachers. Very competent for us, the students. The best, the preparation obtained by his lessons.
Antonella Nicole Lacarrubba
UNED 2016
My stay at the academy was very nice. Preparation for the exams was very good, and the material we were given was excellent. The environment was friendly and warm, both because of teachers and because of students. That was one of the things I liked the most. The teaching level was very good.
Blanca Cardona
UNED 2016
Academia Guiu has helped me to achieve what I want. This period of my life has been special thanks to many people and teachers that I met at this academy. Thanks a lot.
Ekatherina Kochkina
UNED 2016
Thanks a lot to Academia Guiu, to all the teachers, and to Mariela (administrative staff). I have had a very good time, even though we had to study a lot. I have enjoyed studying. Lessons were fun and full of information. I was studying again but without having to take the University Entrance Exam.
Fiorella Patricia Prado Teves
UNED 2016
I loved this experience. I thank the academy for having prepared me.
Golnaz Ahmadi
UNED 2016
It's still hard for me to believe it… I just remember my first day, I had no idea of what was going on, and in little time I made amazing friends. I will never forget this time of my life. The whole team was a family. I love you guys a lot! Thanks for making me a doctor!
Juan Carlos Rodríguez
UNED 2016
Thanks a lot for everything, for the good teaching you gave us, which has allowed us all to enter university. You are all aces. Congratulations, and thanks a lot!
Kevin Eduardo Zambrano Granda
UNED 2016
Honestly, Academia Guiu is the appropriate centre to improve your access grade, if that's what you need. Teachers are very good professionals, they specifically focus on the University Entrance Exam.
Lolita Kudryavtseva
UNED 2016
First of all, it must be noted that all teachers are perfect, each one in their subject. They have ability and patience to explain everything in detail. And that is always important.
Manuel Alejandro Rodríguez Damiani
UNED 2016
Thanks to Academia Guiu, and specially to teachers like Gloria, who took it upon herself to teach me very well.
Manuel David Mora Peña
UNED 2016
I am delighted with the academic level. I highlight the quality of the staff, in addition to an excellent studying environment. You can see all your work throughout the course reflected in the results.
Paula Díaz
UNED 2016
Academia Guiu is a place where you will find wonderful people and teachers. They have helped me to achieve my goal by preparing me side by side with great teachers, and with the necessary material. Without any doubt, coming here was a good decision.
Tamara Simduwa Alsina
UNED 2016
My experience at the academy couldn't have been better. I met very nice people and I had very good teachers. They made lessons very interesting, and because of that lessons were fun. When I came here, I never thought that I would get those grades, but thanks to the teachers I had, it has been possible.
Tania de la Fuente Trabada
LOE 2015
I have improved a lot in some subjects, and thanks to that I have been able to improve my grades a lot. Furthermore, I have met a lot of people with whom I have gotten along very well.
Claudia Hidalgo García
LOE 2015
I have loved the attention and the preparation I have received and the grade is more than satisfactory (10). I have only taken one subject but it would not have been important for me to take more. The atmosphere and diversity are unbeatable. Thank you for helping me access the University.
David Merlos
LOE 2015
10 y 8,5
My time at the academy has helped me to improve in subjects that I hadn’t taken for two years, since I didn’t take the University Entrance Exam when I was supposed to. The results were very good.
Nicoló Andreini
UNED 2015
It has been a wonderful experience. Thanks to you I have met a lot of people, a lot of friends. You have taught me a lot of useful things and finally you have helped me to make my dream come true.
Aran Gratacos Brito
UNED 2015
This academy prepared me very well for the University Entrance Exam.
Keita Watanabe
UNED 2015
Thanks to the teachers and students for how they treated me. I was able to get a high score that I wasn’t expecting.
Dianelys Serrano Sanchez
UNED 2015
I am very satisfied, both with the directive board and the teaching staff. Since I joined the course late and I had quite a bad grounding for most subjects, I thought my results would be bad. However, thanks to the course taught at this academy, I have got very satisfying grades.
Maria Alejandra Rodríguez López
UNED 2015
I believe that they have prepared me in an excellent manner.
Tamila Ulan
UNED 2015
I really am proud of my exam. Thanks to all teachers who have helped me through this journey. Studying in Barcelona makes me happy, and studying at this academy has been a pleasure.
Alicia Moreno Baré
LOE 2014
9 y 10
My stay at Academia Guiu has been very rewarding, since I have been able to get the grade I needed to enter the degree I wanted. Therefore, I would like to thank all the teachers that have helped me during this course.
Ayoub Abu-Roomi Santana
UNED 2014
Since I came to Barcelona there were things I really didn't know anything about. Coming to Academia Guiu has allowed me to learn new things.
Mykyta Katrechhko
UNED 2014
I have liked to study at Academia Guiu and I am happy about the grades I got in the uni exams. Thank you everyone.
Bricell Briceño Zapata
UNED 2014
I learnt about Academia Guiu on the internet and not only has it helped me to prepare for the University Entrance Exam, it has also helped me to get to know new people and make new friends. This has been a very beautiful experience and I have learnt a lot.
Luis Felipe Bustamente Rivasplata
UNED 2014
It has been an excellent year, I have learnt more than I expected. I am very glad that I have achieved my goals and to have been at this academy.
Hermes Salvatore Dalo
UNED 2014
I have learnt a lot during my stay at Academia Guiu. All the academy staff is excellent, and I am happy to have studied here and to have been prepared so well for the exams. Thank you for everything!
Yamil Martinez Martinez
UNED 2014
I have enjoyed a lot studying at Academia Guiu. Teachers have always been caring of my progress, and the administrative staff has supported me with any procedure or any doubt I may have had.
Kate Syomicheva
UNED 2014
I've had a really good time at Academia Guiu. Teachers are very professional, I have learnt a lot, and the environment is nice.
Priyanka Singh
UNED 2014
Teachers are very good and nice. I liked a lot studying here with such nice people.
Kateryna Cheban
UNED 2014
Academia Guiu is more than just a place where you go to study every day. Here everyone is very kind and they always help you with anything. Lessons are very interesting thanks to teachers. Thanks to Academia Guiu now I have many friends from different countries.
Anna Polunina
UNED 2014
This academy has helped me a lot to get good a grade at the University Entrance Exam. This year I had a really good time. I have learnt a lot of new things that will be helpful in the future, and I have met new people who now are part of my life.
Sara Cabrera Lascani
UNED 2014
The service from teachers and secretary's office was amazing. They make you feel very comfortable and are always willing to help you and advise you the best options. The courses are very good. Teachers interact a lot with you and explain everything very well so that you can pass the University Entrance Exam.
Adrián Rodriguez Torres
LOE 2013
I am very happy about all my time at Academia Guiu. The academy has meant an improvement for me, both at an intellectual and a personal level. Plus, a lot of amazing people work there, Thank you, Guiu!
Enric Giralt Ribot
LOE 2013
9,5 y 8
Courses at Academia Guiu have been very productive. They allowed to follow up well and constantly in order to understand subjects. It has been very positive and I recommend it!
Gemma Torres Sotodosos
LOE 2013
I think about my time in the academy as extra learning and constant work. Much of the merit for the results goes to teachers, who I consider to have a great amount of knowledge in their fields.
Marta Álvarez Muñoz
LOE 2013
I believe that having taken lessons in this academy has helped me to improve my University Entrance Exam grade so that I could enter the Medicine Degree. My time in this academy has been a good experience that I recommend to those students who want to take the University Entrance Exam, because this way their access to university will be assured.
Espinosa Busquets
LOE 2013
It had been a long time since I last faced baccalaureate subjects. Luckily, I decided to enrol the academy, and thanks to them not only have I got good grades; I have got the marks I wished for.
Mariona Nadal Masegosa
LOE 2013
I am very glad with the training I recieved at the academy, since I came here having very high standards for Biology, and I have finally achieved my goal.
Judith Palacios Olid
LOE 2013
Academia Guiu is a very comfortable place to study, and relationship with teachers is the best. I would recomment this experience to anybody. Thank you!
Manuel Pérez Mitru
LOE 2013
I am very happy with the knowledge level I got at Guiu. The truth is that both the teachers and the facilities are excellent. I have got the resultss I wanted thanks to the way they prepared me, therefore I am very grateful to the academy.
Jennifer Narváez Vico
LOE 2013
Thanks to the academy I have been able to fulfill my dream. There are very competent teachers who care about your progress at every moment.
Adrià Diaz Salvadores
LOE 2013
At first I doubted about turning to an academy, but after the first week of lessons I realised that I had made a great decision. They have helped me a lot at all times, and I only have words of gratitude for this acadedmy.
Kenneth Palma Carmona
LOE 2013
In general, it has been a rewarding experience. Teachers are qualified and have many years of experience. Small groups make the learning process much easier, since you get to interact with teachers at real time. The lessons material and the exercises are well prepared.
Leire Trigueros Llorente
LOE 2013
Lessons are very efficient and pointed to achieving the goals that the students set for themselves. There are very good teachers.
Aránzazu San Segundo Peña
UNED 2013
At Academia Guiu I got all the knowledge I needed in order to succesfully pass the University Entrance Exam. Besides learning theory, I had a very good experience getting to know people from different parts of the world, and with excellent teachers. I will remember this fondly :)
Bettina Anna Oppliguer
UNED 2013
I thought they all were nice, well organised, and competent. I liked that the lessons were done in the morning, because that way I had time to study in the afternoon. I would have liked to finish the subject programs before, so that we would have had time to repeat everything before the exams, but in general, I think it all worked properly.
Polina Povorina
UNED 2013
Thanks to the course at Academia Guiu I understand Philosophy better now, and I am able to understand Spanish good enough. Besides, teachers are good, and the lessons are very interesting. The building is very beautiful.
Nicolás Aguilar Sandoval
UNED 2013
When I started to prepare for the University Entrance Exam, the truth is I was a little afraid, I needed a really high grade, and I had to learn a lot of new things. But, as the course went on, I started to catch up, to study more after class, and to focus more during lessons.
Paula Castro Ruiz
LOE 2013
The best things were the relationship with my classmates and how teachers treated us.
Amira Tlimat
UNED 2013
The academy helped me a lot to understand the subjects, even though Spanish is not my mother tongue. It also helped me with admission procedures.
UNED 2013
It was a nice experience. Subjects were specific and the studying method was efficient. Taking exams at the end of every week helped a lot to know which mistakes were recurring. Thank you.
Marta Bermúdez de Olano
LOE 2012
My time at the academy has been a good experience and a great opportunity.
Svetlana Terekhina
UNED 2012
Thank you for these moments and for helping me so much.
Adriana Vilanova Miranda
UNED 2012
My time at Academia Guiu has provided me with all I needed to get into university. My teachers’ effort has been exceptional, and I have loved learning with them.
Tsagan Mukharaeva
UNED 2012
I am very grateful to the academy for its help, support, and encouragement during the year. Thank you.
Pamela Vizcarra Andoraire
UNED 2012
My time at Academia Guiu was a nice experience. I made very good friends, and I met wonderful teachers.
John Henry Rojas Ligeron
UNED 2012
I am very glad to have studied at Academia Guiu. Thanks to everyone.
Diego Andres Espinoza
UNED 2012
I am grateful for the effort and the great job that everyone in Academia Guiu does. Just an unforgettable experience.
Wan Lin Zhou
UNED 2012
I am very glad that everything turned out very good, and I’m also glad with my teachers and classmates. Teachers are very kind and help me a lot to study. Thanks for everything.
Ariadna Giro
PAU 2011
My goal was to be able to pass the specific part of my University Entrance Exam so I could enter Veterinary Degree, and thanks to this academy I have been able to be very well prepared by the time I took the exam and to get the grade I needed to enter.
Sarah Tachfint
UNED 2011
I want to thank everybody for the unforgettable moments and for all what I have learnt.
Oleksey Klochay
UNED 2011
Academia Guiu is a place which helps you to success when studying. It enables you to properly enter university.
Maria Guinea
PAU 2011
Academia Guiu has helped me to pass the University Entrance Exam with high scores. Teachers are great, and thanks to them I learnt a lot of things. Thanks for everything.
Marcela Cionii
PAU 2011
Studying in this academy has been so fun. I have met a lot of people from many places in the world. The teachers are very good, and their lessons are interesting.
Kevin Zolis
PAU 2011
Thanks to Guiu for helping me to prepare the University Entrance Exam and to not give up before the first setback, and for teaching me that a job well done has its reward. Thanks to everybody I met in the academy for the good moments we lived together.
Mariam Nazir
UNED 2010
Thank you very much for your help. I think the teachers are very good.
Sandra Lorena
UNED 2010
I needed a high grade on my University Entrance Exam so I could get into university, and thanks to Guiu I made it. With excellent an excellent grade, on top of that.
Bimal Subedi
UNED 2010
I am so happy about the way Academia Guiu helped me to prepare my University Entrance Exam. In only five months I learnt Spanish and I passed with high scores.
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