Private High School classes in Barcelona (Baccalaureate 1)

Summer courses for high school (Baccalaureate 1)

Take advantage of the summer to get to the next level without pending subjects. We offer you the perfect course to pass the September exams, without giving up on family vacations

For whom?

Course aimed at students who must retake any subject and can access to get to the second year with the required level

With this course, students who have had problems with the knowledge required can work them in depth to finally understanding specific issues.

How are the Summer courses for high school?

Summer courses ESO Bachillerato university entry exam

Starting from the first year requirements, we will work on the theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects, to acquire the required knowledge and get to the next year appropriately thanks to our methodology and teachers specialized in preparing students to pass exams.

The Guiu method. Success guaranteed

Study techniques and free study room.
Discount for families if several siblings are enrolled.

Prices and schedules for the Summer courses for high school

When does it take place?


This course is currently offered on demand.


Registration fee
1 Subject
2 Subjects
3 Subjects
4 Subjects
5 or more Subjects
4 Subjects
Spanish, Cat, Math, Eng
5 Subjects
+Physics and Chemistry


Do you know what it means to formalize the registration and what payment conditions do you have?

The tuition fee consists of academic fees, administrative fees (opening/maintenance of file) and other amounts relevant to the Academia Guiu. Once sent we will contact you as soon as posible possible to complete the process.

Each course has a value different and it will be the designated salesperson who will tell you the possibilities of pay. Remember to leave your contact information correctly so we can move forward with your registration.

Available payment methods: cash, bank transfer, debit card or credit card*.

If you finally decide not to do effective the remaining payment of the chosen course, the suspension will occur temporary of the file and, where appropriate, the cancellation of the academic purposes, without the right to a refund of tuition paid.

*Possible expenses generated the banking operations for payment of tuition will be on behalf of the students interested./span>

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Private High School classes in Barcelona (Baccalaureate 1)

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