The period 2021-22 is loaded with news to our academy and for that reason we are going to make a compilation of all the courses that will be available from of October onwards, so that, whatever your level of studies is or problem you have, you will achieve academic success.

Do you want to pass the Selectivity next year?

The annual course for the preparation of Selectivity 2022 begins on October 4th. This year, although the percentage of face-to-face classes is much higher, our students will still be able to take part in the 100% live sessions mode in which the lessons are taught live, at the same time as the students who are in the classroom.

The annual EBAU course is aimed at all students who have completed the baccalaureate within the Spanish educational system or who have finished a Higher Degree Training Cycle and want to take the University entrance exams.

What else should you take into account for the annual exam preparation course? It is the most complete you can do to guarantee the best university admission grade. With this course you will get a maximum score in the PAU, even in those subjects that did poorly in high school or that you did not even take.


If you are an international student…

Have you finished high school in your country and your dream is to study at a Spanish university? Then the annual course for the UNED Selectivity is for you, since it is aimed at students who have completed an international baccalaureate or have completed the baccalaureate outside of Spain and the Spanish educational system and want to study in Spanish universities with good results in the University access test.

From the first moment we make all the updated theoretical content available to our students. In addition, a continuous evaluation is carried out based on practical exercises aimed at passing the tests that are complemented with the realization of mock exams of selectivity.

Language packs

If you want to study in Spain, but your problem is that you do not master the language, you can combine your selectivity preparation classes with Spanish courses. Adapted to all levels and accredited by the Cervantes Institute, Academia Guiu guarantees the best results because it has an immersive methodology: students carry out activities, excursions and visits throughout the course to better understand the culture and language.


It’s never too late! 

One more year, we offer you the selectivity course +25/45. For all those students who have not studied for a long time and want to take the tests to go to university or access a CFGS. Course availability is subject to the number of students enrolled.


Can’t find your course?

Don’t worry, at Academia Guiu we adapt to you. We will make you a tailor-made program based on your knowledge and according to your availability. We have a highly qualified teaching and administrative team that will help you achieve your goals, both in our courses and in private lessons.