Annual pathway course for international students

Pathway Selectivity course for international students

Annual Pathway Course to prepare for the access to the University exam
Annual Pathway Course for students with an International Baccalaureate or a baccalaureate conducted in educational systems other than the Spanish one.

Are you an international student?

We will explain to you to whom our annual pathway course is directed.

We have the most complete pathway course for foreign students or students with international baccalaureate. Prepare in advance all the subjects you need to access to the career you want to study. In the annual pathway course you will have the opportunity to get to know all the subjects you will need for the university entrance exam in Spain. We guarantee the best grade for admission to the best universities in the country. This annual pathway course is suitable for students who have completed an international baccalaureate or have completed the baccalaureate outside of Spain or the spanish educational system.

UNED is the organism that is in charge of carrying out university entrance exams for foreign students and students who come from other educational systems and wish to study in Spain. These exams are called Specific Competency Tests (PCE) and vary depending on the origin of the student and the career they want to study. On the one hand we have students from the EU's educational systems or with reciprocity agreements. In these cases, the students will have to prepare and present themselves to the UNED selectivity of 2 subjects that are related to the career they wish to study, prior validation of their baccalaureate degree. On the other hand, we have students from educational systems with a homologated foreign baccalaureate. These students must take between 4 to 6 subjects maximum that are related to the career they wish to study.

At Academia Guiu we have different courses for the different needs of the students, so that the exams are prepared with the utmost precision.

What are the advantages of the Annual Pathway Course for international students? The entrance exam to the university in Spain is based on the contents of the Spanish baccalaureate, therefore, it is very convenient that the students who come from other educational systems follow the guides of our teachers, who year after year help hundreds of students to access the Spanish university. In addition, our selectivity preparation courses include all the necessary support so that our students can access the best university option according to their interests.

What else should you consider for the annual pathway course for international students?

How does the annual pathway preparation course for international students work?

Exam drills for the annual pathway course to prepare for the selectivity for international students

A foreign or international student is that from an educational system other than spanish. Under this consideration, all students who wish to enter the spanish university after completing their secondary / baccalaureate studies and do not obtain a degree from the spanish educational system must take the UNED selectivity test. The National University of Distance Education (UNED) is the organism created to manage access and admission of students to Spanish universities, especially aimed at international students, facilitating their access through the issuance of accreditations and the completion of , where appropriate, specific tests. Academia Guiu is recognized as an official collaborating center and acts as a link between the student and the UNED, providing them with study resources, but also offering the necessary advice and support.

It is important to find out about the specific conditions of admission to the destination university before starting any procedure. These criteria vary depending on the type of international student, who must meet some requirements or others. For this reason, from Academia Guiu we help you with all the steps to follow: from the visa process, through the homologation of studies, to the registration to the university entrance exams, so that students can focus on their studies without worrying about anything else.

Guaranteed success for international students. Annual pathway course to prepare for the selectivity

The Academia Guiu teaching team is in charge of guiding each student according to their needs, indicating what subjects to prepare to access the career they want. Likewise, the student's progress is monitored to detect what knowledge must be reinforced and thus guarantee their access to the university. We have specialized teachers in each subject to facilitate attention and assistance to students for their correct progress during the course.

From the first moment we make available to our students all the updated theoretical content. In addition, a continuous evaluation is carried out based on practical exercises aimed at passing the tests that are complemented by conducting drill exams.

Our method, which combines the carrying out of practical exercises during the theoretical training, allows us to reach the best level in the university entrance exams.

Prices and schedules for the annual pathway course for international students

When does the annual pathway course for international students take place (May 2024)?


UNED start
October 7nd, 2024

The friday before the exam

20th to 24th of May 2024

Prices for the annual pathway course for international students



Do you know what it means to formalize the registration and what payment conditions do you have?

The tuition fee consists of academic fees, administrative fees (opening/maintenance of file) and other amounts relevant to the Academia Guiu. Once sent we will contact you as soon as posible possible to complete the process.

Each course has a value different and it will be the designated salesperson who will tell you the possibilities of pay. Remember to leave your contact information correctly so we can move forward with your registration.

Available payment methods: cash, bank transfer, debit card or credit card*.

If you finally decide not to do effective the remaining payment of the chosen course, the suspension will occur temporary of the file and, where appropriate, the cancellation of the academic purposes, without the right to a refund of tuition paid.

*Possible expenses generated the banking operations for payment of tuition will be on behalf of the students interested./span>


Our annual UNED pathway course provides the best tools for students to pass the university entrance exam. You will have at your disposal all the updated syllabus from the beginning of the course and you will have the necessary time to prepare all the subjects. Our professionals, both coordinators and teachers, will help you prepare your routine and achieve the necessary consistency to meet your goals. With our method you will carry out exercises and drill exams regularly so that you can practice and view the entire syllabus in the most efficient way. Progress practicing and prepare with guarantees. We are the reference academy specialized in preparing UNED exams. With us you will be oriented from the first day. If you want to ensure your access to the career you want to study and have a baccalaureate completed in another educational system, our UNED annual pathway preparation course is undoubtedly your best option.

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Annual pathway course for international students

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