At Academia Guiu we have been committed to quality teaching for 128 years and this year we are celebrating a new milestone. Since October 1, we have received the international accreditation as a center for teaching Spanish as a foreign language by the Instituto Cervantes. This is an important recognition that certifies that our Spanish courses have a high pedagogical standards, in addition to a strict teaching-learning system.

To obtain this certification, we have been audited by the Instituto Cervantes Center Accreditation System (SACIC), verifying that we comply with the rigorous requirements that are demanded. Experience in this type of course is taken into account; the satisfaction of the students; success in exams and results and other factors such as administrative performance; teaching services and complementary to teaching; facilities and resources, etc. According to the statistics from previous years, 100% of the students who attend the ELE course at Academia Guiu, and who follow all the indications, achieve a B1 / B2 level after completing the course of less than 3 months, having enough skills to access the UNED selectivity preparation courses.

Every year, at Academia Guiu we train a large number of foreign students (between 25 and 35% of the total number of students, depending on the year) who need to learn a good level of Spanish to enter university or other higher studies. From Academia Guiu, specifically from our two offices in Barcelona, ​​we teach the so-called ELE courses.

Accreditation: quality assurance in Spanish at Academia Guiu

It means that we meet the legal requirements to teach this language to international students. Our teaching plan – in which the student learns from scratch or improves his level whatever this may be – guarantees adequate progress. Our method includes, for example, activities that guarantee the participation of all students without exception and that require the activation of positive interdependence skills. And also during the sessions the speaking time of the students is greater than of the teacher.

To reach these objectives, we have a team of qualified teachers, with Eduard Cáceres as coordinator (Master in teaching Spanish and Catalan as a foreign language at the UdG) as well as Cristina Alarcón (Degree in Hispanic Philology at the UB), Leonor Morales (Graduate in Hispanic Philology at the UB) and Tania Revellado (Master in Spanish Language, Hispanic Literature and Spanish as a Foreign Language at the UAB). We carry out continuous evaluation and guide our students according to their progress and needs.

We have a basic course (Basic ELE) of 320 hours, an advanced course (Advanced ELE) of 108 hours or a summer course of 240 hours. The goal is for our students to acquire different communication skills (oral and written expression, oral and written comprehension, oral and written interaction, and oral and written mediation), covering all aspects of the Spanish language such as pronunciation, grammar, conversation, analysis, comprehension, comments on texts and written expression in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference. 

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