We are aware that studying at home can be boring and more so in a situation of confinement due to coronavirus, as we are suffering. So today we bring you 5 tips to help you study in times of #YoMeQuedoEnCasa.

How to study at home during confinement?

1. Create a study routine

Planning is the basis of success. Therefore, set a schedule and try to keep it to manage your time effectively. Force yourself to follow your routine, if one day you can’t muster the desire, don’t get frustrated, you can do it the next day or spend that day reading all your notes and putting them in order. Let you know that in the morning our brain is more efficient and retains information better.

2. Set weekly goals

You can organize yourself as you prefer, for example, you can spend a day outlining the content and the rest to learn it. One way to get closer to your goals is to study by the minute, that is, study in 30-45 minute intervals and then take a 5-10 minute break to clear yourself. Achieving your goals will help keep you motivated!

3. Create a suitable study space

To avoid distractions (which we know are many now), adapt a place in your home that is bright, comfortable and isolated from noise. Choose a wide table and a comfortable chair and use only the essential material. Believe it or not, studying in a pleasant space will increase your ability to concentrate.

4. Lean on someone

On your colleagues or family, who are in the same situation as you. And of course, in teachers to share knowledge. At Academia Guiu we will not leave you alone!

5. Use the best resources

Use all the resources you have and avoid distractions. Video calls, search engines on the Internet, YouTube and being in contact through WhatsApp and social networks can be a very useful tool to better understand things.

And remember, learning must be an enjoyable and enriching process. And that you achieve it is the main objective of all of us who form the Academia Guiu team! Now, with our online classes, both reinforcement and specific courses, to access the university or the PAP. Let’s do it!!