2025 Summer Pathway Course Selectivity

Summer Selectivity Pathway Course

Summer Pathway Course to prepare for the Selectivity exam (EBAU) to access the university in Barcelona

Who is our summer pathway course to prepare for the selectivity for?

Who is the summer pathway course for?

Super intensive summer pathway course in Barcelona

This summer course is aimed at students who, after the end of the school year, have not taken the selectivity exam, have not passed it or have not obtained the desired results and want to take advantage of the still fresh knowledge acquired to make an effort in the summer and prepare for the September selectivity call.

The university is waiting for you. With this course, MAKE ONE LAST TWO MONTH EFFORT DURING SUMMER AND WIN ONE YEAR.

What else should you take into account for the summer pathway course?

How does the summer pathway course work?

Exam drills for the preparation of the selectivity in summer

In our summer course we are going to complete and organize the knowledge you have acquired so that you can pass the September selectivity call.

You will improve in all the subjects, and we will OUTLINE the most important topics of the Selectivity, so that you OPTIMIZE the preparation of the exams.

The Guiu method. Guaranteed success. Preparation of the selectivity in summer

We have experience in the entry exams and we know the key subjects of each year. Our specialist teachers will guide you, during this summer pathway course, in the typical exercises, so that you learn to pass the exam.

We carry out a selectivity test (drill) during the course, so that you know your weak points and you can effectively correct the errors and, above all, you can pass the selectivity.

Prices and schedules for the summer pathway course

When does the pathway course take place?


Starting date for General and Specific Phase
July the 1st, 2024

Ending of the General and Specific Phase
Friday before the selectivity exam

From the 5th to the 16th of August 2024

From the 3th to 5th September 2024

Prices for the summer pathway course



Do you know what it means to formalize the registration and what payment conditions do you have?

The tuition fee consists of academic fees, administrative fees (opening/maintenance of file) and other amounts relevant to the Academia Guiu. Once sent we will contact you as soon as posible possible to complete the process.

Each course has a value different and it will be the designated salesperson who will tell you the possibilities of pay. Remember to leave your contact information correctly so we can move forward with your registration.

Available payment methods: cash, bank transfer, debit card or credit card*.

If you finally decide not to do effective the remaining payment of the chosen course, the suspension will occur temporary of the file and, where appropriate, the cancellation of the academic purposes, without the right to a refund of tuition paid.

*Possible expenses generated the banking operations for payment of tuition will be on behalf of the students interested./span>


The extraordinary September call awaits you! This second Selectivity exam is designed for those who have not taken the first exam, but also for those who want to increase their grades. In any case, the objective of the EBAU is to assess the academic maturity, knowledge and skills acquired during high school. The summer pathway course, which we conduct in Barcelona, will prepare you for any of the cases.

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2025 Summer Pathway Course Selectivity

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