Intensive pathway course for the 2025 Selectivity

5 month pathway course for the selectivity

Intensive Pathway Course to prepare for the university entry exam for national Baccalaureates

Who is our intensive pathway course for?

Who is the intensive patway course to pass the university entry exam for?

Our intensive pathway course is aimed at students who have completed the Baccalaureate or a Higher Level Training Cycle within the Spanish educational system.

Do you want to access the university but feel that you are not sufficiently prepared?

Do you need a reinforcement to help you get the cut grade for the career you have chosen? We help you improve your results!

Even if you are a student of Higher Training Cycle and need to increase your average grade, we can help you prepare the subjects of the specific phase of the selectivity to get the access grade you need.

We prepare you in optimal time to achieve your goals.

What else should you consider for the intensive pathway course ?

How does the Intensive Pathway Course work?

Exam drills for the intensive pathway course

Our intensive pathway course lasts for five months in which we organize the time and efforts of the student to get the best grade in the exams.

Our method combines the carrying out of practical exercises throughout the theoretical training, with a strict selection of the subjects to be prepared and prioritizing the aspects that are most important to them.

The course covers the complete syllabus of each subject, synthesized so that the student is able to answer all the exam questions. For this, it is practiced with real selectivity exercises, in addition to conducting exam drills.

Guaranteed success for the preparation of the selectivity with the Guiu method

At Academia Guiu we have the best team of teachers, qualified in their respective areas of knowledge and with extensive experience. They will be in charge of facilitating individualized explanations according to the objective of each student, as well as looking for solutions to possible problems that affect the learning process.

The intensive pathway course for the university entry exam also includes support to the student to carry out the academic procedures, resolve any type of doubt during the process or advise him until the formalization of enrollment in the university.

Our long experience in pathway courses allows us to offer courses fully adapted to all needs and highly effective so that our students can obtain the best grades, and thus access the university studies they desire.

Prices and schedules of the intensive pathway course

When does the intensive pathway course take place?


Starting date EBAU
January 13th, 2025

The friday before the exam

June: 2nd to 6th of June 2025
September: 2nd to 6th of seprember 2025

Prices for the intensive pathway course



Do you know what it means to formalize the registration and what payment conditions do you have?

The tuition fee consists of academic fees, administrative fees (opening/maintenance of file) and other amounts relevant to the Academia Guiu. Once sent we will contact you as soon as posible possible to complete the process.

Each course has a value different and it will be the designated salesperson who will tell you the possibilities of pay. Remember to leave your contact information correctly so we can move forward with your registration.

Available payment methods: cash, bank transfer, debit card or credit card*.

If you finally decide not to do effective the remaining payment of the chosen course, the suspension will occur temporary of the file and, where appropriate, the cancellation of the academic purposes, without the right to a refund of tuition paid.

*Possible expenses generated the banking operations for payment of tuition will be on behalf of the students interested./span>

Schedule for the intensive pathway course in Barcelona


In our intensive pathway course we prepare all subjects (common phase and specific phase). The classes are 100% oriented to pass the university entry exam, so that practical exercises and selectivity drills are carried out so that no exam question surprises our students. We adapt to the characteristics of each student, so we make individual study plans based on their needs. In this way we are able to reinforce his or her weak points and guarantee the best results in the selectivity exams. The intensive pathway course lasts 5 months and is aimed at students who have completed high school or a higher level training cycle within the Spanish educational system. Get ready with Academia Guiu and guarantee your access to the university.

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Intensive pathway course for the 2025 Selectivity

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