Preparing for the Selectivity requires time, dedication and good planning. It is recommended that you start studying for the tests several months in advance and that you organize your time well so that you can study and review the topics of all the subjects.

So far nothing new, but what happens if we have not planned correctly? Or if during the course we have had difficulties with one or several subjects that have taken us more time than we expected?

In these cases, you will most likely find yourself in front of a mountain of unorganized notes and without knowing where to start to arrive on time with all the agenda prepared for the exams.

How can a selectivity preparation course help you?

You will save time

You will have a specialized teacher in each subject who will help you focus on the most important parts of the temary, thanks to effective study techniques. Sometimes it is difficult for us to distinguish, from among all the tangle of notes, what to prioritize; and if time also plays against us, we will be more nervous and it will be difficult for us to direct our efforts to what is truly transcendental.

You will get reliable notes

During the course they will provide you with work dossiers of each subject. It is about updated didactic material that supports the classes, and which includes many exercises from previous selectivity calls, so that you get used to working with the PAU models and their different types of difficulty.

It will be easy for you

In addition to having specialized teachers who will detect your weaknesses and help you overcome them, you can adapt the classes to your needs by choosing the number of hours to dedicate, the subjects you want to reinforce and even the modality in which you want to take the course (online and / or face-to-face).

You will gain confidence in yourself

A tutor will track your progress and you will study using a unique method to achieve your desired grade. In addition, you will carry out a simulation of selectivity that will faithfully reproduce what you will find days later in the real exams. This drill will help you increase your self confidence and eliminate nerves during the hours before the selectivity tests.

At Academia Guiu we have taught Selectivity preparation courses since its creation in our country and with a 98% success rate. Not only do we trust our teaching method, but we also have the testimonies of former students that support its effectiveness.

If you need help to prepare the Selectivity, do not hesitate, get in touch with us.