Returning to the classroom is a concern for parents, students and teachers, who fear that education centers could become one of the main sources of resurgence of the virus.

During the last weeks, in addition, the protocols that will mark the return to face-to-face classes, dictated by each autonomous community, have been gradually clarified. At Academia Guiu we are thoroughly studying these protocols to comply with them in their entirety and guarantee the safety of the students at the beginning of the course.

We detail how we are adapting in our academy to the new measures taught by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Responsibility of all

If we want to resume classes in this situation of new normality, we must learn to “live” with the virus. This implies that all parties must show a commitment to comply with the rules that affect the safety and health of people.

Therefore, we have taken care that parents, students and teaching and administrative staff are aware of prevention measures. In this way we intend to make everyone aware that each one plays a fundamental role in preventing the transmission of the virus.

We have also sent parents and legal guardians the following documents: the declaration of responsibility and the case management and covid19 contacts in case of contagion.

With the first document, families (both parents and students) commit to rigorously follow the rules imposed by the Department of Health and applied in the academy, declaring that the student does not have or has had symptoms of covid in the last 14 days (previous at the beginning of the course) and that, if they have them, they will not go to the center.

Thanks to the second document, we request the authorization of the families to carry out PCR tests on the students in a more agile way in the case of detecting positive cases in the center.

Measurements at Academia Guiu

On our part, we have everything ready to start the new course:

  • We have installed thermometers at the entrances to each of our campuses so that students can take their temperature at the entrance and exit of the facilities.
  • We have hydroalcoholic gels distributed in all classrooms, but also in common areas such as corridors, reception, etc.
  • The use of the mask is mandatory for everyone inside the academy, at no time is it allowed to take it off or the consumption of drinks and food inside the enclosure.
  • The classrooms, in addition to being distributed in such a way that the minimum safety distance can be guaranteed, are kept ventilated throughout the day and will be so, even in winter.

Finally, the academy will provide all its students with the possibility of following the classes online. This system, which we already implemented during the confinement period and which had very good results in terms of attendance and participation of students in classes, will continue to be in force indefinitely.

In this way, any student, whatever the course he or she is taking, can decide if they want to do their classes in person or remotely, except in case of presenting compatible symptoms with the covid, whose obligation will be to continue with their classes from the digital platform.

We are facing a different school year and Academia Guiu has done a great job to make the center a safe environment. We are convinced that we will be able to count on everyone’s collaboration to comply with the rules and guarantee student attendance to class.