Making the leap from school to institute or from institute to university is not easy for anyone. There are those who can adapt quickly to new demands and rhythm but many others do not. When the first difficulties appear, it is important to act quickly, before the course is too advanced. But, is it really effective to do private classes to improve results? If I haven’t understood the lesson in class, how useful will it be to have another teacher to explain it to me the same?

Private classes are effective, as long as they are carried out by good professionals and the attitude of the student is to take advantage of the opportunity of having an expert in the field just for him, to clarify his doubts and improve his results.

Great advantages of private lessons:

  1. It will help you to prepare exams and obtain results: a good private teacher must be an expert in the subject, a good teacher and, also, know the type of exams you face, whether you are studying ESO, Baccalaureate, training university or want to take an entrance test. With their knowledge, they will help you internalize the subject and, at the same time, to be more effective and efficient when you face the exam.
  2. They will focus on your hardest subjects: they must be personalized classes, focused on those points where we have difficulty following the subject. The teacher must know the most complex aspects of the subject and, with the student’s help, focus on them to optimize time.
  3. It will help you organize: often we can’t cover everything because we accumulate tasks and subjects. Private classes can also help us to plan and organize ourselves, with clear deadlines and specific objectives. Part of success or failure begins with planning. 
  4. Avoid procrastination: what costs us the most is what gives us the most laziness and, often, we put it off. We deliver just the subjects that require the greatest effort: Mathematics, Physics, or, in many cases, languages. Private classes force us to face our difficulties without excuses and dedicate more time to what is most difficult for us.

At Academia Guiu we are supported by more than 125 years of experience in academic training and we have verified the effectiveness of our private “custom-built” classes, conducted by specialized and experienced teachers in each subject. They can take place in our academy, at home or in the online mode. We understand and know which are the most complex subjects in each course and we offer support classes for various subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Programming (Java, etc.), History, etc. and language classes (English, French, German).

Always, with the highest demand and guarantee of results and a motto: “A good teacher, like a good person, is the one who brings out the best in others” -Teresa Carreté.