If you are thinking of pursuing a Degree in Early Childhood Education or Primary Education, this article interests you!

Since 2017, Catalan universities require passing the personal aptitude tests (PAP) for access to these studies. This test is also carried out outside of the university entrance exams.

What are the personal aptitude tests for future teachers?

With the aim of improving the level of teachers, the PAP assesses the linguistic competences and critical reasoning, as well as the logical-mathematical competencies of all those students who want to study the degrees of Early Childhood Education or Primary Education. These tests are carried out in all universities, both public and private in Catalonia.

What exactly do the tests entail?

Students must pass two different exams:

  • Communicative competence and critical reasoning: Assesses the understanding of the intrinsic meaning of written documents on topics of general interest and the ability to synthesize and integrate information, the ability to express a reflection in writing with clarity and precision, and sufficient command of the linguistic system that allows expressing with an acceptable linguistic quality.
  • Logical-mathematical competence: Assesses the ability to use knowledge and skills related to various areas of mathematics to solve exercises, problems and application situations, and the ability to analyze the results obtained from the point of view of their reasonableness.

The final grade for the PAP is Pass or Fail. The PAP are considered passed (Pass) when this final score is equal to or greater than five points out of ten. This final grade is obtained from the average of both exams. In order to take the average, it is necessary for each of the exams to have a grade equal to or greater than four points out of ten.

Once passed, the PAP will be valid indefinitely.

There will always be two annual calls, this year they will take place on Saturday, April 10 (ordinary call) and Friday, July 16 (extraordinary call).

Who must take the PAP tests?

All those students who want to opt for the degrees of Early Childhood Education or Primary Education, coming from:

  • High school.
  • CFGS (vocational training).
  • Students who come from foreign educational systems.
  • Students who access the tests for those over 25 and 45 years old and for those over 40.
  • Students who have not passed the PAP tests before.

Don’t need to take the Personal Aptitude Test (PAP):

  • Students who have passed the test in 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020.
  • Students from years prior to 2017 who meet the conditions of the PAP defined for university pre-enrollment 2014, 2015 and 2016.
  • University graduates or equivalent.

Foreign students who have studied outside of Catalonia will be able to take the exam in Spanish.

At Academia Guiu we have courses to prepare both phases of the PAP tests in which we explain and work on all the key aspects that will help you overcome them. We work with our own materials and exams from previous years, and always with specialized and highly experienced teachers. For more information, visit our information page on the Aptitude test preparation course.