Oddly enough, during this confinement it is possible to continue distance learning effectively. How? From Academia Guiu there are many options that we provide to continue with your study routine as normally as possible, discover them below!


Private and group classes

Although remotely, our private and group classes continue their course. With up to 100 people at a time, you can follow group classes from your computer without losing detail.


You have at your disposal innumerable resources

Zoom, blackboard, mobile, sheets, music … whatever is necessary to carry out the class.


Share the different activities and documents with your teacher

We believe that maintaining communication with your teachers will help you keep track of your training these days and you will also be able to resolve any doubts that may arise. The routes we use the most are Zoom, Google Drive, email and Whatsapp.


Having fun learning

We know that the difficult thing during this quarantine is to continue studying with motivation, that’s why, in our classes we make online games, tests, videos, … to adapt the content in a schematic way, simplified to the maximum and with many examples to make it more easy to understand. In addition, in many cases, real cases are used to see the applied knowledge and material adapted to digital format.


Teachers are your greatest allies

We know that we are going through a difficult situation, but to continue your training, you have the support of all our teachers. They will help you with the resources that you have, they will teach you all the tools that are within your reach and will guide you in their use if you need it.


There’s no much time less to enjoy again!