The cut-off marks for access to the 2021 university in Catalonia have already been made public. As every year, the list offers the minimum qualification to enter studies of degrees and titles of Catalan universities.

Look for your degree and the cut-off mark to know if you have the possibility of access. Check the list here.

Remember that the places in each of the centers are awarded starting with the request of the pre-registered student with the highest grade and going down in order of grade until all the places are exhausted.

In this way, the cut-off mark corresponds to that of the last student who has obtained a place in a certain university center. Therefore, as a student, you have to take into account that it is not a predetermined grade but that it may vary each year, since it results from the relationship between the places available in each center and the number of students who request them in advance.

The cut-off grades for 2021 confirm a generalized rise in grades that was already expected with the increase in the average grade for Selectivity. It has gone from 6,633 in 2020 to 6,862 in 2021 as regards Catalonia. In the case of the high school student record, this growth is also observed because it has gone from 7.53 (2020) to 7.66 (2021).

Regarding the most in-demand careers, the studies of Medicine, Psychology, ADE, Nursing and Computer Engineering continue to be at the fore.