Let’s admit it. It’s not the summer you have dreamed of. You will have to dedicate part of your time to study while your friends enjoy their vacations without obligations or schedules. But part of success is always how we take what happens to us. So, faced with discouragement, there is the alternative to organize, find a way to make the most of study time and pass pending subjects without making the summer bitter.

Suggestions to study in the summer and not die trying:


1. Plan your time well: 

If you want to optimize your time and not waste the whole summer studying, it is essential to create a study plan. You must develop a calendar (realistic and adaptable to unforeseen events) taking into account the subjects to be prepared, their difficulty, and the time you have until the day of the exam. Make yourself a study schedule and stick to it. Set aside time to plan the day hour by hour, establishing short breaks. Summer days are long. So if you are effective, you will have free time to enjoy your vacation a bit.


2. Look for motivation: 

Much of the success is always in the attitude. Finding the motivation to study in the summer is key. Tell yourself the reasons why you study and your goals. Why do you need to pass? How will it help you in your future? What will it bring you? Visualizing your goal will help you, especially at times when motivation seems to be gone.


3. Prepare your space to perform more: 

No. Taking your notes to the beach or going out with your laptop to the terrace is not a good idea. If you want to perform better, your study place should always be the same, quiet, well lit, orderly, without distracting elements and, if possible, cool and ventilated (excessive heat makes concentration difficult and makes you sleepy). If you don’t have it at home, find the nearest library. Establishing a steady workplace helps create a study habit.


4. Practice the ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’: 

For your mind to perform 100%, you must take care of your body. To begin with, you must respect your hours of sleep and rest, it is essential. You should also eat well, in a varied way, and hydrate frequently. Practicing a physical activity will help you disconnect and benefit you on a cognitive level. And another important point: watch your posture when studying. If you want to avoid discomfort, always keep your torso upright and your back supported by the backrest and a distance of 40 centimeters from the screen.

If you think that it will not be easy for you to follow these recommendations and you need extra help, at Academia Guiu we offer different summer courses. The first is a super-intensive course to prepare for the Selectividad next September. The objective is to complete and order the knowledge acquired to successfully pass the test. You will improve in all the subjects and you will have the most important topics outlined to optimize your study time. Guiu specialists, with decades of experience in the preparation of the Selectividad, will guide you so that you learn to pass the exam without problems.

If what you need is help with ESO or Baccalaureate subjects, we also have specialized summer courses. Specialist teachers, with daily classes of each subject, review the theoretical and practical concepts of each subject so that you can pass the September exams and start the new course with guarantees. At Guiu, we maintain our very high success rate: 9 out of 10 students in our academy obtain the expected results.