For more than 130 years, at Academia Guiu we have been by your side, helping you reach your academic goals. Over the years, we have earned a reputation as the leading academy in Spain for university entrance exam preparation courses. But not only that, we have also remained true to our mission: to provide you with the best tools and resources so that you can succeed, whether in ESO, Baccalaureate, or even at the university and business level.


Shaping Your Academic Future

Did you know that we have a variety of learning options to suit your needs? You can choose our private classes, where you decide the days, times, and teachers. Additionally, if you’re looking for support in specific areas, we also offer à la carte reinforcement. Regardless of whether you’re in Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate, or pursuing a Postgraduate or Master’s degree, we’re here to help you overcome the challenges you encounter along the way.


Connecting with the World

For those of you coming from beyond our borders, we offer a Spanish and university entrance exam course. This course is designed for you to perfect your Spanish and prepare for the university entrance exam, covering from level A1 to C2. In this way, you can better integrate into our educational system and succeed in your studies.


Our Commitment to Businesses

At Academia Guiu we not only focus on individual students, but we also offer training to businesses. We adapt to the needs of each company, providing subsidized and customized training. This way, we ensure that both you and your team can continue to grow and learn.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer summer courses?

Yes, we do! We offer summer courses for ESO and Baccalaureate. These courses are designed to help you pass the subjects you have failed and advance in your course with guarantees.


How are private classes organized?

You’re in charge. Decide the days, times, and teachers. Ask us for a proposal and we will tailor it to you, without any obligation. You can find more information here.


At Academia Guiu, our mission is to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. With more than 130 years of experience, we guarantee you are in good hands.