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University Entrance Exam Barcelona





University Entrance Exam Barcelona

academia guiu selectivity 2022


Academia Guiu gives you the main information about the new EBAU UNED University Entry Exam 2023.

Here you will find all the information and links concerning the two annual exams for the assessment exams for University Entrance (EBAU-UNED) for international high school students both in July and September 2023.

Your guide for the EBAU-UNED University Entry Exam

Information about the entry exam to University studies

Academia Guiu, the guarantee of success to prepare the University Entry Exam in Barcelona, provides all the useful information related to the UNED University Entry Exam.

Every year there are two calls for university entry exams.

The ordinary call is in the month of July and the extraordinary one takes place in September. The duration of the exams is one hour and a half per subject.


ordinary call

The EBAU-UNED exam 2023 takes place on May 23rd to the 27th (confirmation pending).

extraordinary call
The EBAU-UNED 2023 takes place on September 5th to the 9th (confirmation pending).


Confirmation pending


EBAU-UNED 2023 Calendar

Download the calendar we have prepared in Academia Guiu to guide you in the UNED university entry exams. Dates pending confirmation.

Test schedule

The students that want to take the exam of subjects that take place at the same time will take them consecutively, without leaving the classroom, with the planned board and exam dates.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 10:30 - - Business Economics Chemistry Design
History of Spain
11:30 13:00 Maths English SSCC Maths Biology Biology
History of art
Spanish Language and Literature
SSCC Maths
Portuguese - SEE
16:00 17:30 Physics - Geography
History of Philosophy
History of Spain
Technical drawing
Business Economics
History of Philosophy
18:30 20:00 Design
History of art
Italian - SEE
Portuguese - SEE
Technical drawing
Foundations of Art
Spanish Language and Literature Foundations of Art
Italian - SEE

Pre-enrollment for the University Entry Exam in 2023, Catalonia

The university pre-enrollment must be done on the Internet in the website that the Generalitat de Catalunya has created for this purpose

There you will find all the information and instructions necessary to formalize the pre-enrollment.

In order to carry out any paperwork, you will need the accesnet code that any student who is in the last year of High School in Catalonia already has from the moment he/she enrolled in the EBAU.

Access to pre-enrollment

Weighting grid University Entry Exam 2023 Catalonia

For the calculation of the admission grade, there are chosen the two grades of subjects approved in the specific phase weighted with the highest grade.

Here you will find the weighting grid for the High School subjects that apply to enter a university degree in 2022.

See the grid

Cutting-off grades for pre-enrollment University Entry Exam 2022 Catalonia

Download the June cut-off grades in pdf format for later reference.

Download Cutting-off grades 1st call June 2022 Download Cutting-off grades 2nd call September 2022

More information about UNEDasiss 2023

If you want more information about the UNED university entry exams we offer you this guide.

Access the UNEDassis page and check a complete guide with all the information you may need.

Go to UNEDassis

Check your University Entry Exam 2022 grade

Acces the UNED page to check your grade.

Check grades

More information on the course

The objective of EBAU (University entry exams), for students who have studied outside Spain is to assess their maturity, knowkedge, and skills acquired in High School.

The contents of these tests are determined by the curriculum of the Spanish second High School year.

In our classes, these contents will be worked on thoroughly, orienting the learning to a perfect performance during the exams.

Our teachers university graduates are specialists in each of the subjects and have the experience and empathy necessary to provide a high-quality training.

That is why we guarantee the passing of these tests to all students who prepare with us.

The entry exam to the university (EBAU) is structured in two phases:

1. The General Phase, mandatory for all High School students.

Specific phase, of a voluntary nature, for students who need to improve their scores.

General Phase

It has five subjects:

  • Spanish language and literature
  • Foreign language
  • History of Spain
  • And a common subject to choose between:
    • Latin
    • Maths
    • Maths applied to social sciences
    • Art basics

Specific phase

The student is examined for a maximum of 3 subjects, which must be related to the university degree they wish to study. Our specialists will inform you and guide you on the subjects that suit you best. Taking into account the subsequent studies you want to carry out. For this, we use the weighting grid.

Click here to see weighting grid

Since 2017, the common subject of the general phase can also be counted as a subject of the specific phase..

Acceptance grade

The general phase grade (GPG) is the arithmetic mean of the five exercises. Each of the exercises is scored from 0 to 10.

It is essential to have a GPG equal to or greater than 4 points to obtain an acceptance grade.

The acceptance grade for High School students, comes from 60% of the average grade of the High School (HSA) and 40% of the grade of the general phase, that is:

Admission grade = 0.6 * HSA + 0.4 * GPG

It is considered that a student has passed the EBAU if this grade is higher than 5 points. Once obtained, it has indefinite validity, IT DOES NOT EXPIRE.

The acceptance grade for students with a Higher Education Degree is the average grade obtained in the degree.

Admission Grade

The admission grade is the result of adding the points obtained by completing the Specific Phase to the acceptance grade.

This grade can be different according to the University Degree want to access and the subjects of the Specific Phase that we have done.

The grades of the subjects are multiplied by a coefficient (0, 0.1 or 0.2) according to the connection that this subject has with the studies that we want to carry out.

For each University Degree, the calculation of the admission grade follows this formula:

Admission Grade = Acceptance Grade + a x E1 + b x E2

E1-2 = Mark obtained in each of the subjects of the specific phase, provided that it has a score of, at least, 5 out of 10. a-b = weight values 0 - 0.1 - 0.2, depending on the chosen degree.

This admission grade is between 5 and 14 points and is with which you will "compete" with the rest of the candidates to get the university place you want.

The grades obtained in the specific phase are valid for two years.

In Spain, the system to assign university places is based on the law of supply and demand.

If there are more candidates than university places for certain studies, the system chooses those students who have a better admission grade.

In June the UNIVERSITY PRE-ENROLLMENT is carried out, through which the students choose which degree/s they want and in which university they want to study them.

In Catalonia, applicants can apply to a maximum of 8 degrees.

From our office, we will advise and guide you in this process of university pre-enrollment so that, following the procedure; you have the maximum opportunities to get the desired place.

These requests can be sent to different autonomous communities. If you are assigned places in more than one of them, you decide which one you enroll in.

Once the term for the presentation of applications has closed, the system, taking into account exclusively the admission grades, will assign the university places and the cut-off grade for each of the undergraduate / university studies will be published.

This grade indicates the minimum mark to obtain the place during the current year, in the June call, and might vary every year.

As a guide, here you can see the grades in Catalonia after the June call in previous years.

Click here to see June notes

Once you have been assigned a university place, if you like it, you just have to register at the academy or faculty you were designated.

If you are not assigned your first option, you can still wait for the different reassignments, to improve the assigned place.

In the academy, we will give you all the details and tips so you can make the most of your options to get the place you really want. And we will keep you informed of the enrollment deadlines and start of your university classes.



  • Financing of the course, without interest, so you can pay comfortable monthly fees.
  • Homologation of studies: we offer a free processing of the studies that must be approved in Spain. Once the student sends us his documentation, all the procedures will be carried out in our academy and by our professionals.
  • Free certified copy: we will also freely check the grades and titles of each student, to send the documentation to the organization of the University Entrance Exam.
  • Personalized advice from our professionals on the following aspects:
    • Advice and management for the processing of the visa for studies.
    • Information on official translations.
    • Information and guidance on all national universities.
    • Various legal processes (Hague Apostille, Diplomatic Route ...).
    • Free processing to take the University Entry Exam
  • We also offer SPANISH COURSES for foreigners who need a higher proficiency. With these courses, we will make sure that the student can correctly follow the classes and understand the contents. To know such proficiency, at the beginning of the course a level test is taken
  • Study rooms with tutors, to work on the contents of the subjects that are part of the exams.
  • *The payment of the enrollment or reservation of a seat will not be refundable in any case.


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