News on the Selectividad 2020: dates and modalities


In the last hours, the Government, the universities and the Consell Interuniversitari de Catalunya (CIC) have met to agree on new dates for the entrance exams to the university on the ordinary call. So the 2020 Selectivity calendar looks like this:

  • PAU

The ordinary call for the University Access Test (PAU), is postponed to July 7th, 8th and 9th.

  • Over 25 years

The University Entrance Exam for students over 25/45 years is postponed until June: general phase on June 20th and specific phase on June 27th.

  • PAP – Degrees in Education

The ordinary announcement of the Personal Aptitude Tests (PAP) to access the Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education are scheduled for June 19th.

The basis for the flexibility of the optionality in the call for the PAU 2020 have also been agreed. This means that, due to the stopping of the teaching activity for the high school students, it has been agreed to carry out an adaptation of the PAU exams of the different subjects, allowing students to choose between more questions and topics when answering, so that in no case is it found that they have not taught any of them.

At this time, the coordinators of each subject of the PAU have already begun to work to apply this flexibility, taking into account that:

  • It is not a reduction of the course topics, since the baccalaureate centers are autonomous in the design of the timing of the contents and learning activities.
  • It does not mean a radical change in the typology of the exams that teachers and students know, practice and expect.
  • The duration of the exams will not be extended.

Finally, as a consequence of this new reassignment of dates for Selectivity 2020, the period of enrollment at the university is estimated for the first days of September (dates still to be confirmed). Stay tuned to the news through our social networks or our blog. Remember that in Academia Guiu we have specialized preparation courses, both for Selectivity and PAP exams.