This July we have closed an extraordinary course. Our students have experienced an exceptional end of the stage, showing us that, despite the circumstances, the goal they set at the beginning has been achieved. At Academia Guiu we have helped and prepared them to be able to face the exams and obtain the best results.

From here we want to congratulate especially the students who studied national, international or outside the Spanish educational system and who came to the academy with a single objective: to pass the Selectividad 2020 and enter university.

If there is something that we are clear about, it is that our teaching method is guaranteed to be successful. Proof of this are the excellent results that our students obtained in the Selectivity exams that were held last July. Congratulations to all!

We leave you with a compilation of testimonies from the 2020 students:


If you still do not know us, we remind you that at Academia Guiu we carry out Selectivity courses, school and university reinforcement, Spanish for foreigners, Selectivity for private classes, summer reinforcement courses and company training. Since 1892 creating the future from our headquarters in Barcelona.