The Selectivity for National Baccalaureates is a decisive moment for students wishing to access university in Spain. In this challenge, Academia Guiu emerges as an essential ally, offering thorough and tailored preparation for each student.


With a solid track record and a student-centered approach, our academy provides a specific program that covers both the required academic content and the development of crucial study skills to successfully overcome the University Entrance Examination (EBAU).


A Personalized Approach for Each Student


We recognize the individuality of each student at Academia Guiu. Our personalized teaching methodology ensures that each student receives the attention and resources needed to reach their maximum potential.


The preparation program for the National Baccalaureate Selectivity is tailored to the particular needs of each student, strengthening areas for improvement and consolidating previous knowledge.


Effective Study Techniques and Tips


Preparation for the National Baccalaureate Selectivity goes beyond mastering academic content. At Academia Guiu, we complement teaching with proven study techniques and practical tips aimed at optimizing time management, concentration, and memorization.

These strategies are designed to help students face exams with confidence, improving their performance and minimizing the stress associated with this crucial test.


Content Aligned with the EBAU Requirements


Our preparation program is carefully designed to cover all the content required by the National Baccalaureate Selectivity.

From core to specific subjects, each course focuses on the most relevant and frequently evaluated topics, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for any changes in the format or evaluation criteria of the EBAU.


Mock Exams and Constructive Feedback


We firmly believe in the value of practice. Therefore, Academia Guiu offers mock exams that emulate the conditions and format of the National Baccalaureate Selectivity.


These exercises allow students to familiarize themselves with the exam structure and receive valuable feedback from our experts, who provide personalized advice for improvement in subsequent attempts.


Continuous Support Until the Day of the Exam


We are aware that preparation for the National Baccalaureate Selectivity can be an intense journey. For this reason, support from Academia Guiu is not limited to class hours.


Our teaching team is always available to resolve doubts, offer guidance, and provide emotional support, ensuring that each student feels prepared and confident for the exam day.


Different Levels of Preparation

Academia Guiu offers various levels of preparation for the National Baccalaureate Selectivity, adapting to the varied needs and time availability of our students.


  • EBAU Annual: This course is designed for students who prefer extended and gradual preparation for the Selectivity. Ideal for those looking to consolidate their knowledge throughout the academic year, the annual course offers a comprehensive review of all subjects, allowing for deep and unhurried learning.


  • EBAU Intensive: Designed for students with less time or who decide to start their preparation a few months before the exam, the intensive course condenses the necessary syllabus to successfully face the Selectivity. This course is ideal for reinforcing knowledge and addressing the most important areas of each subject, offering study strategies and exam techniques to maximize learning efficiency in a shorter period.


  • EBAU Super Intensive: This level is aimed at students seeking focused and high-intensity preparation in the weeks leading up to the EBAU. The super intensive course is the perfect option for those who need an intensive general review or to concentrate on specific areas that require improvement. With daily sessions and a practical approach, this course seeks to optimize academic performance in a limited time, emphasizing the resolution of exam-type questions and the application of effective study techniques.


  • EBAU Summer: Specially designed for students who prefer to use the vacation period to prepare, the summer course offers a unique opportunity to dedicate full time to review and study for the Selectivity. This course combines the intensity of the super intensive program with extended duration, allowing for thorough and detailed preparation of all subjects.


Towards Success in the EBAU with Academia Guiu


At Academia Guiu, we are dedicated to offering quality, personalized preparation focused on the needs of each student facing the National Baccalaureate Selectivity.


With our specialized programs, advanced study techniques, and a team of experienced professionals, we are ready to accompany you every step of the way towards success in the EBAU.


Visit our website for more information on how we can help you achieve your academic and professional goals with our personalized preparation.