Guiu Academy and Diandé Africa: united for education and development

For several years, at the Guiu Academy we have collaborated with the Diandé Africa association. The main mission of this is to promote the schooling of children from underprivileged families in Ziguinchor (Senegal), thus improving the living conditions of a large part of the population.

Mamadou Saliou is the founder of the association and responsible for coordinating the work that is done in Barcelona and Senegal. He, together with a team of volunteers, work supporting and training the local population for the development of their capacities and self-sufficiency.

All this is achieved by carrying out different projects such as the Barcelona de Mamadou and the Coopérative des Mamans de Ziguinchor.

Our Summer Camp includes this unique awareness experience. A bicycle route that takes students into the most social Barcelona. On this route, the students see citizen initiatives in some neighborhoods of Barcelona and, in addition, the workers explain their day-to-day life and the guides talk about their personal experience.

A different way to discover Barcelona!