Five mistakes to avoid when studying online

By choice or by obligation, working and online training today register unprecedented rates compared to just a few months ago. The pandemic has changed the way we live and, in record time, we have replaced classrooms with a room and a laptop or tablet. But not all of us know how to take advantage of tele-studying and reduce its inconveniences. In fact, we often make mistakes that can lead directly to failure. Here are five that you should start avoiding:

1. Not respecting a schedule

As we don’t have to move, there is the temptation to jump from bed to the computer a few minutes before our first online class. But it is important to follow a routine even if we stay at home working or studying: getting up at the same time each day, showering, having breakfast, studying, eating at a similar time each day, etc. In essence, follow a routine that helps us not lose habits and organize our day.

2. Not planning

Along with the online class schedule, it is essential that you plan your study hours setting specific and achievable goals. Write them to check if you comply. Organize your study time according to the subject and, above all, your difficulty to internalize concepts. And put brief moments of rest for each hour of study.

3. Study anywhere

It’s time for your online class and you sit on the coach in the living room because you think you’ll be more comfortable. Stop. Following an online class carefully is even more complicated than following a face-to-face one. If, in addition, you are in the kitchen or living room, you have a good chance of losing the thread with any distraction. The desk in your room should be your area where you work concentrated and quietly.

4. Do not separate leisure and training

Following an online class while checking whatsapp or the latest TikTok videos does not work. Forget your mobile phone during your training day, as if you were physically in class. Avoid distractions to advance more while you study, optimize your hours and thus you will have more time for your leisure.

5. Forget contact with classmates and teachers

Following online classes does not mean losing contact with our classmates or with the teaching staff. The teachers continue available to the students with any questions or queries and it is important to maintain the interaction. It is also important to keep in touch with our colleagues, to continue working as a team in many cases and to exchange experiences and doubts. Not losing our relationships with students and teachers is important for not losing motivation.

At Academia Guiu we provide the possibility of following any of our courses online: preparation for selectivity, school and university reinforcement, Spanish for foreigners, selectivity for those over 25, private classes, etc. Each student can choose to train in person (with all security measures) in our centers or remotely, through our digital platform. Whether in class or from home, we maintain our very high success rate: 9 out of 10 students in our academy achieve the expected results.