What’s new in PAU 2020

These are the news of the PAU 2020, which this year will last one additional day because of COVID-19.

More flexible but with the same agenda, and with one more day in addition. This will be the PAU 2020 (Selectivity 2020) in Catalonia, which will be held on July 7, 8, 9 and 10 at various universities and secondary schools. This has been agreed in the face of the exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis. But what does this easing mean? Here are some keys:

  • In a first block of subjects, you can choose different options for questions or exercises throughout the test. You can always choose which part or parts you want to respond. In this block are included Biology; Business Economics; Chemical; Physics; History; Literature; Maths; History of Philosophy; Technical drawing; etc. 21 subjects altogether.
  • In a second block we find 8 subjects in which there is less flexibility, because the exams do have a common and compulsory part and an optional part. In this case, the value of the optional part increases, which ranges between 40% and 80% of the mark.
  • This second block includes: Greek, Latin, Spanish language and literature, Catalan language and literature, Foreign language (German, English, French and Italian).
  • In all cases, exercises and problems will keep the usual typology and general evaluation criteria, established at the beginning of the course for each of the subjects.

The objective is that no student got stuck in a compulsory question about a part of the agenda that he has not been able to take due to the suspension of classes as a result of COVID-19. This flexibility has been agreed taking into account that a radical change in the exam models was not convenient, that the adaptation could not imply the lengthening of the reading time of the statements, and that flexibility should be adapted to each subject. If you have doubts about the options that you will find in your Selectivity exam, you can solve them here.

Regarding to the enrollment, this year, and given the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19, the deadlines will be the same for students with free enrollment (those who present themselves to raise their mark, students from foreign educational systems or students from previous years ) and for the second-year Baccalaureate and Higher-Level Training Cycles.

All students who want to take the ordinary call of the PAU 2020 must formalize their registration between May 15 and June 15, both included.

At Academia Guiu we help students in their preparation for the Selectivity exam, but also our team of experts offers support both for the examination procedure and in the pre-registration process at the chosen university.