The EBAU Selectividad is a crucial stage in the education of every student in Spain, marking the bridge between high school and university.


In Barcelona, Academia Guiu stands out for offering thorough and personalized preparation for these exams, ensuring that students are not only ready to pass the tests but also to successfully start their university journey.


With an approach that combines updated resources, innovative teaching methodologies, and a team of expert teachers, Academia Guiu is the perfect ally to confidently face the EBAU Selectividad.


Information and Resources about the EBAU


At Academia Guiu, we understand the importance of being well-informed about the EBAU Selectividad. Therefore, we provide our students with all the necessary resources to fully understand the process and structure of these essential exams.


We offer updated details about the dates of the calls, the specific requirements of each subject, and strategic advice to confidently approach the exams.


Calls and Structure of the Exams


The EBAU calls are held annually in two periods: the ordinary session in June and the extraordinary one in September. Each exam has a specific duration and is structured in a way that comprehensively evaluates the knowledge acquired during high school.


At Academia Guiu, we ensure that each student knows these details for optimal preparation.


Specialized Preparation at Academia Guiu


Preparation for the EBAU Selectividad at Academia Guiu is characterized by its personalized approach and attention to the individual needs of each student. Our team of expert teachers, specialized in the different EBAU subjects, uses adaptive teaching methods to ensure that each student reaches their maximum potential.


Methodology and Expert Teachers


Our teaching methodology focuses on a deep understanding of the contents and the development of critical skills for the exam.


The teachers at Academia Guiu, with their extensive experience and specialized knowledge, provide training that goes beyond the syllabus, preparing students not only to pass the exams but also to face future academic challenges with confidence and competence.


Comprehensive Preparation for the EBAU


At Academia Guiu, preparation for the EBAU is not limited to covering academic content; it is a comprehensive preparation that encompasses all aspects necessary to ensure success in these tests.


We understand that each student has their own learning style and their own strengths and areas for improvement, so our preparation is designed to be as inclusive and complete as possible.


Focus on Key Contents and Skills


Our curriculum is carefully structured to cover all relevant EBAU topics, ensuring that students not only memorize information but also understand and apply concepts.


In addition, we place special emphasis on developing exam skills, such as time management, question-answering techniques, and effective study strategies, which are crucial for outstanding performance.


Personalized Preparation


We recognize the importance of personalized preparation. Therefore, we offer individual sessions and small group classes, where students can work on specific areas under the guidance of our experts. This ensures that each student receives the attention and support necessary to address their particular challenges.


Additional Services and Complete Support


At Academia Guiu, our commitment to students goes beyond academic preparation. We offer a range of additional services and complete support to ensure that students are not only prepared for their exams but also for the next steps in their educational journey.


Advice on Pre-Enrollment and Career Choice


We understand that choosing a career and navigating the university pre-enrollment process can be overwhelming. Therefore, we provide expert advice to help students in these crucial decisions.


From understanding weighting tables to analyzing cut-off marks and choosing the right university, our team is here to guide students every step of the way.


Continuous Support and Guidance


Our support does not end once the exams are over. At Academia Guiu, we pride ourselves on offering continuous support to our students, helping them with guidance for university life and offering advice for their future academic and professional paths.


This holistic approach ensures that our students not only achieve their short-term goals but are also well-prepared for future challenges.