High school is a pivotal stage in any student’s academic journey. Subjects become more intricate and the pressure intensifies with upcoming significant exams like the University Entrance Examination. Feel like you need an extra boost to face these challenges? High school tutoring at Academia Guiu is the answer!


Why are tutoring classes essential?

While many students possess the determination and eagerness to learn, sometimes they encounter subjects or concepts that are challenging. Tutoring classes serve as a bridge, providing the necessary tools and support to overcome these hurdles.


The Academia Guiu Difference:


1. Unmatched Experience:

With over 130 years in the teaching field, Academia Guiu knows precisely how to assist students in overcoming their academic struggles and achieving their goals.


2. Passionate Professionals:

We boast 40 qualified teachers dedicated to offering personalized attention, ensuring each student understands and masters the concepts.


3. Personalization:

We understand that every student is unique. That’s why we design study programs tailored to each one’s needs and capabilities.


What subjects do we offer?

From sciences to humanities, we provide tutoring in a wide range of high school subjects. Whether you’re struggling with physics, math, history, or any other subject, we have an expert waiting to assist you.


Guarantee of Understanding

Our priority is ensuring that each student not only passes but truly grasps the concepts. With our pass guarantee, we commit to providing you with all the training you need until you feel confident in your academic skills.


A Prime Location

Located in the heart of Barcelona, our central location makes accessing classes convenient and allows you to enjoy the city’s vibrancy.


Don’t wait any longer!

If you’re in high school and feel you could benefit from some additional support, don’t hesitate to join our tutoring classes. It’s the boost you need to achieve academic excellence and prepare for future challenges. Ready to start? Contact us and find out how we can help you succeed!