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University Entrance Exam Barcelona





University Entrance Exam Barcelona

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Academia Guiu gives you the main information about university entrance exams for students over 25/45 years old.

Here you will find all the information and links concerning the annual call for university entrance exams for people over 25 and 45 years old. 

Guiu Academy, guarantee of success to prepare the entrance exams to the university, puts at your disposal all the information related to the selectivity in Catalonia.

Your guide to access entry exams for people over 25/45 years old.

Every year there is a call for university entry exams for students over 25/45 years old.

All universities reserve at least 2% of their spots for people over 25 who do not have another direct access to the university. Candidates must submit to the corresponding entrance exams.

Pathway course for over 25 years old 2021.

September 2020

April 2021

See course


annual call

Access tests 2021 General phase for adults over 25/45 take place on April 17th 2021 (morning)


annual call

Access tests 2021 Specific phase for over 25/45 are made on April 24th 2021 (morning)



Hour and a half per subject

Special tribunal and corrections April 30th 2021

Access calendar for over 25/45 years old 2021

Download the calendar we have prepared in Academia Guiu to guide you in the entrance exams to the University.
Download CALENDAR 2021

Schedule of the tests

If you are over 45 years old, you just have to do the text comment exams, Spanish language and Catalan language and if you pass them ...
pass an interview with the dean of the faculty or school where you will study.


April 17th: General phase April 24th: Specific phase
8:30 9:00 Checking student data
9:00 9:30 Checking student data
9:00 10:30 Text commentary
11:00 13:30 Language exams (Catalan, Spanish and foreign language)
9:30 12:30 The two exams corresponding to the subjects of the chosen option

Pre-registration selectivity 2021 Catalonia

The university pre-registration must be formalized on the Internet at the address that the Generalitat de Catalunya has enabled for this purpose.

There you will find all the information and instructions necessary to formalize the pre-registration.
To carry out procedures, you will need the access code that any student who attends second year of high school in Catalonia already has from the moment he enrolled in the entrance exams for students over 25/45.
Access pre-enrollment

Description of the tests

It consists of two compulsory parts for all the universities.

The GENERAL PHASE assesses the linguistic capacity of the students, and is the same for all the studies. It consists of 4 exams: - COMMENTARY OF TEXT, - SPANISH LANGUAGE, - CATALAN LANGUAGE and - FOREIGN LANGUAGE (English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese)
SPECIFIC PHASE. All the university degrees that you can study in Catalonia are divided into 5 families. Depending on the career you want to study you must choose 2 of the subjects among the offered in each family.
See structure

Pre-enrollment cut-off notes 2020 cataluña

Download the June cut notes in pdf format for later reference.

Download Cutt-off notes comparative chart 2020 Download Cutt-off notes comparative chart 2019

Access examination models for over 25/45

Here you will find an ordered table of subjects from the years 2018 to 2020.

You can access both the explanation of the examination structure of each subject and a sample of exams from previous calls.

See the table with exam models

More information about tests for over 25/45 2021

If you want more information about the entrance exams to the university in Catalonia that we put at your disposal in this Guide.

Access the page of Universitats i Recerca of the Generalitat de Catalunya and consult a complete guide with all the information you may need.

See more info

Qualification of the test

Each of the exams is scored with a score of 0 to 10 points.

It is mandatory to submit all exams of the same phase to obtain the corresponding qualification.


See qualification

Search engine for university degrees

Use this search to find courses of your interest in the database of the Department of Universities of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The results will be displayed in a new tab on the page of universities of the generalitat.


More information on the course

At Academia Guiu we have designed an exclusive course with the sole objective of preparing the test in 7 months.

The groups will be small to ensure optimal performance, we also have study rooms so that in addition to teaching hours, you can have a suitable environment to study, with teachers at your disposal.

It is also worth noting that our academy has the highest teaching load in the market (hours x year): 10h per week. If you want to compare prices, we are the ones who start earlier and finish later, we spare no expense in academy hours or in extracurricular visits.

In our center, you will have to take at least 2-3h per week to work on every subject to ensure adequate and correct learning of each of them.

We prepare the general phase and the two subjects that suit you best for the specific one so that you will have a preference to choose your study and University.

It contains the following tests:

  • Spanish.
  • Catalan.
  • Text commentary.
  • Foreign language (to choose between English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese).

Each student can choose 2 subjects for the specific phase. These two subjects must be the most appropriate according to the modality of the university degree that will be studied. This has to be related between content of the subject and the degree.

Our head of studies will advise each student on what subjects should be studied according to the chosen degree

We teach TWO HOURS per subject.

  • Art and Humanities: Philosophy, Geography, Contemporary History.
  • Science: Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics.
  • Health Sciences: Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics.
  • Social and Legal Sciences: Geography, Social Sciences Mathematics, Contemporary History.
  • Engineering and Architecture: Chemistry, Mathematics, Technical drawing.

The acceptance qualification is the grade obtained by the arithmetic mean of the general phase and the specific phase.

The grade of the general phase is obtained by the arithmetic mean of the four tests in the general phase.


ct= grade comentario de texto le= grade lengua española lc= grade lengua catalana ie= grade idioma extranjero

The grade of the specific phase is obtained from the arithmetic mean of the two subjects related to the degree that has been chosen.



A= grade 1st optional B= grade 2nd optional 

With this average, we must obtain a minimum grade of 5 to be accepted to a University.

The qualification of any of the two phases of the test, provided that it is equal to or greater than five points, will also be valid, for purposes of final qualification, for the next call, although the candidate may choose to improve his qualification, and always will take into consideration the best of the ratings. - In subsequent calls, you must repeat the test in its entirety.

*The payment of the enrollment or reservation of a seat will not be refundable in any case.

For those over 45 years of age, the final grade is the average of the three exercises they must complete:

That is to say:


This grade must be at least 5 to consider the test passed.


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