Getting to study your desired career at your preferred university is the culmination of a long and not always easy process. To achieve this we must obtain a good result in the Selectivity tests and also know well the process of university pre-registration and allocation of places. Let’s go through it step by step:

1. How and where can I do the university pre-registration?

For the seven public universities of Catalonia and the private university University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia, it is managed from the University Access Office and is done online through the university access portal. It is a coordinated system that guarantees equal conditions in the process of admission and admission to the first year of undergraduate studies. If you want to study at any of the Catalan private universities and the Open University of Catalonia, admission is processed directly with each university.

To register correctly and to be able to pre-register, you must follow all the instructions and, in some cases, submit various documentation. To verify that we have done the procedure correctly, a PDF document of proof of pre-registration will be generated.

2. What happens if I change my preferences?

You can modify the preferences of the study centers as many times as you want until the last day of the term. You simply have to enter the portal again, make the modifications and obtain the new proof of pre-registration with the updated date and time of recording.

3. How are places assigned?

The assignment is made by admission grade, hence the importance of your Selectividad grade. The places are awarded starting with the student with the highest admission grade and going down in descending order until they are exhausted. You can check if you have been assigned the place you wanted by entering the university access portal.

4. Can I claim?

Once assignments have been posted, you have 5 days to claim. To do so, you must submit an application to the Office of Access to the University or its territorial headquarters stating your arguments and a copy of the proof of pre-registration.

5. Should I accept the assigned place?

Students who have been assigned a place in the preferred grade and center (1st preference) must enroll in the assigned study center. If they don’t, they lose the seat and it is reassigned.

Therefore, those who have been assigned between the 2nd and 8th preference can wait for the publication of the second assignment to see if they improve. If they are already satisfied, they can do the “Definitive Assignment” process, accepting the assigned place as definitive and renouncing future assignments.

6. What happens if I have not been assigned a place?

If you have not been assigned in any of your preferences, you will have to wait for the publication of the second assignment. If, again, you are not assigned a place, you must do the procedure “Continue in the process of reassignment of places”, in the university access portal, and check the subsequent reassignments. If at the end of the process you want to claim, you can do so at the University Access Office.

In addition to having the process clear, it is key that you stick to the pre-registration and assignment calendar. An error in the dates or deadlines could lead you away from the studies you want to do.