During the month of January the annual preparation courses for the selectivity for national and international baccalaureate will begin. In both cases, students can opt for face-to-face and / or online training, since at Academia Guiu we have implemented a live class broadcasting system that allows both attendance and participation during the lessons. Thus, students who for different reasons cannot or do not wish to return to class, can be trained and learn exactly the same as those who attend in person.

The academy was founded 128 years ago teaching a wide variety of subjects at all levels. It was in 1983 when it began its specialization in offering preparation courses for selectivity, becoming a pioneer of this type of training. During all this time thousands of students have passed through its classrooms and the center has been able to adapt to all the changes that have taken place in the educational system.

In the case of students who have studied within the Spanish educational system, the EBAU preparation courses have four different formats: annual course, intensive, super intensive and summer course.

In all of them, the contents of the baccalaureate are studied in depth, guiding the learning to the perfect completion of the university entrance exams. Mock exams with real exercises from previous years are also carried out so that students know and adapt to the operation of the questions and can correct the most common errors.

If you want to sign up for the EBAU intensive course that starts in January, you will get all the information here.

Likewise, the Guiu Academy is also specialized in the preparation of foreign students who want to access Spanish universities through the UNED selectivity.

Each year the academy receives between 25% and 35% of students who come from other countries, which not only helps them prepare for the selectivity exams, but also offers comprehensive assistance so that they can adapt as quickly as possible to life in Spain, for example, visa processing, registration for exams, Spanish courses, university enrollment …

Our teaching team is in charge of guiding each student according to their needs, guiding them in which subjects to prepare to access the career they want. Likewise, the student’s progress is monitored to detect what knowledge they should reinforce and thus guarantee their access to university. We have a group of teachers specialized in each subject to facilitate the attention and support of students for their correct progress during the course.

For those students from non-Spanish-speaking countries, at Academia Guiu we offer Spanish courses of between 3 and 6 months, all of them accredited by the Cervantes Institute. This is a guarantee of learning, regardless of the initial level of the language that the student has.

In general, all those students who attend classes regularly and show real involvement and interest achieve a B1 / B2 level at the end of the course, a title that allows them to access Spanish universities and complete their undergraduate studies without problems.

If you have completed a baccalaureate outside the Spanish educational system and want to access university in Spain, learn about our UNED selectivity courses.