The job market is changing at breakneck speed. The demand for digital profiles in Barcelona, ​​for example, is growing four times faster than the supply. In fact, between 2008 and 2020, the demand for employment in the digital field has grown by 46.5%, while the overall employment of the Catalan economy has fallen by 4.5%. In addition, the repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis on labor markets around the world are also evident: expert profiles in logistics, digital marketing, cybersecurity, or nanotechnologies have been reinforced, but also all those linked to the health sector.

Adapting our training to what the market demands is one of the ways to guarantee a successful future job. Hence, many people who abandoned their studies to directly enter the world of work today rethink their decision and choose to pursue university studies beyond the age of 25. To do this, you have to pass the university entrance test for people over 25, a common test for all universities in Catalonia that is similar to selectivity but with an adapted syllabus. The common part includes a text comment and Catalan, Spanish and foreign language tests (to choose English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese). In the specific part, you have to choose between five options linked to five areas of knowledge: arts and humanities; sciences; Health Sciences; Social and Legal Sciences; engineering and architecture.

The main difficulty, however, is to start from scratch when you have lost the habit of studying and assimilating knowledge effectively and quickly. For this reason, at Academia Guiu we have helped hundreds of students to pass the university entrance exams for those over 25 with specialized courses and a success rate of 98%. The teachers of our academy are specialized in the training of the test subjects and have a long experience in the preparation of all kinds of exams. The course is also adapted to a student who, for the most part, has not studied for a long time. For this reason, it starts from a basic level that is progressively increased so that all students reach their objectives without problem. If you are over 25 and you are thinking of changing your future work, find out here.