How to approve selectivity and not die trying?

At this point in the year you have probably asked yourself this question a few times. And it is that the selectivity exams are one of the most decisive academic tests in the lives of thousands of students. However, most experts agree that, with proper preparation, the exam can be passed without great difficulty.

After more than 35 years helping thousands of students to overcome Selectivity, at Academia Guiu we have clear learning and advice that will help you prepare for Selectivity 2020 effectively.

  1. Organize your notes and study materials.

Collect all the material you have (notes, manuals, recommended bibliographies, etc.) and order it. Ideally, you should classify it by subjects to know in advance which will be the most “dense” and, by the way, you will avoid last-minute surprises on the subject matter that comes under examination.

  1. Create a calendar to study selectivity subjects.

Not every day you will be able to study the same, you are not a machine. But you can set goals or objectives (daily, weekly, monthly). This will help you to see your progress over time and to calculate well how to distribute the tasks.

Extra tip: reserve part of your agenda for the final review of the subjects.

  1. Start with the subject that you like the least (or the worst you are given).

Fighting procrastination from the beginning is one of the best techniques you can apply. At the beginning, which is when you will find yourself with more strength, you will be able to face the most difficult matters with the best spirit. Thus, when you have to dedicate yourself to studying the following subjects it will be much more bearable.

  1. Use study techniques that make it easier for you to understand and memorize.

A good study technique is not only to memorize content and then drop it on the day of the test and forget it the next minute. The better you understand what you are studying, the easier it will be for you to remember and develop a good answer on your exam. Start with a diagonal reading, continue with the in-depth reading, underline, summarize, outline, apply mnemonic rules … you can use one of these techniques, several or all, whichever works best for you.

  1. Look for selectivity tests from previous years and answer the questions.

It will not only help you to memorize but also to know what you are going to face: what kind of questions are asked, the best way to answer them, the time you will need to use …

The selectivity exams of previous years are easily accessible, if you think that your school has not provided enough, you can find them online. We recommend that you do at least three for each subject and, above all, that they correspond to your autonomous community.

  1. Create your own studio sanctuary.

Find your ideal space to study. There are people who concentrate better at home and others who, on the contrary, prefer to go to the library to avoid distractions. Whatever your case, you should find a place where you feel comfortable (you’re going to spend a few hours in it), with enough lighting and a certain austerity to facilitate concentration.

As you can see, there is no magic formula, but there are a series of habits and techniques that everyone can incorporate into their routine and that will help you considerably improve your results in Selectivity 2020.

Also, if you need reinforcement for subjects you are stuck with or want to make sure you reach a certain cut grade, you can always take a selectivity preparation course.

At Academia Guiu we offer you various types of courses and we adapt to the needs of each student to guarantee success in university entrance exams. Find out more about our Intensive Selectivity Course for Selectivity here. You also have a Super Intensive Selectivity Course and a Summer Selectivity Course. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need it!