The exams of the extraordinary call for selectivity will take place in Catalonia on September 7, 8 and 9.

These are tests that, in general, are faced with a certain pessimism, either because you did not get the necessary grade in June, because you have had to study all summer or because the main risk of passing the Selectividad in September (or July depending on your autonomous community) is to find that the places for the degree you want, in the university you want, are exhausted.

But not all are disadvantages, on the contrary, you can take advantage of this second chance and face the exams with a positive attitude if you follow these tips that we give you below:

  1. Take advantage of the summer: Obviously the desire to go to the beach can exceed those of spending hours studying, but remember that at this time the days are longer and if you organize yourself well, you can make time for both leisure and study.
  2. Lean on other colleagues who are in the same situation: you can contrast notes, meet from time to time to study and do drills together, etc. In this way the task of preparing for the exams will become more bearable.
  3. If you decide to repeat the selectivity to raise the grade, evaluate the different options:
    • Go back to present yourself only to the compulsory or general phase, and try to improve your grades.
    • Present yourself only to the specific phase, in this way if you did not do the voluntary part at the time you can add up to 4 points to your selectivity mark, and if you have already done it you can improve your mark.
    • Repeat the two parts of the selectivity, the compulsory and the voluntary.
  4. If you finally decide to repeat the selectivity and your grade, far from improving, stays the same or even worsens, you should not worry. In these cases, the results of the test in which you got the best grade are always taken into account. Therefore, the worst that can happen to you is that you stay with the same note that you started from.
  5. In the event that you obtain the cut-off mark, but you do not get a place where you wanted (it is less likely than you may believe), you have alternatives, all is not lost !:
  • Research the entire university offer. Most likely, the career you want to study is offered at several universities. If the places at the university you wanted are sold out, it is worth re-looking at the other universities where it is offered.
  • Evaluate similar studies. You can study the offer of degrees related to the same field that interests you and choose another degree as long as it attracts you and you are convinced.
  • Along these lines, you can change your career in the second year if you choose a degree from the same branch, at the same university and with common subjects to be able to do the validations.
  • Wait for the next year’s Selectivity call, analyze alternative access routes (from a Higher Degree) or investigate the possibilities offered by private universities.

Now that you know some of the advantages of the extraordinary call, what do you think about presenting to the Selectividad in September?

At Academia Guiu we offer you courses throughout the year to prepare for the Selectivity in which the baccalaureate contents are worked in depth, guiding the learning to the perfect completion of the exams.

If you still have doubts or you feel insecure to make a decision about your academic future, you can always turn to the counselors of our academy. You can explain your personal situation to them and ask them to explain what options you have to achieve your goal.